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I’ve Got the Blues

Camping in the woods of a no-frills campground in Delaware, we are definitely living ‘with nature’.  It’s so quiet and serene.  Wildlife abounds if you just sit and watch.  I’m enjoying every moment when I can and the weather cooperates.

I have never been anywhere where there are so many Blue Jays!  About a dozen or more busily living around us.  We’re among oak trees, and I’ve learned that acorns are one of the their favorite foods.  So there’s one answer why so many.  I’ve also located five of their nests actively being built.

So no doubt, the Blue Jays have provided many photo ops.  They certainly don’t sit for very long, so it’s been fun trying to capture their eye and be in focus.



The pigment in the Blue Jay feathers is melanin, which is brown. The blue color is caused by light scattering through their modified cells on the surface of the Blue Jay’s feather barbs.  Interesting!



Flight shots have been challenging for sure….

Now that was a mouthful!


I think this last one is saying, “okay you’ve shared enough, girl”, so I’ll end with that thought….



Sometimes it’s a joy to have the Blues!




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