Birds In Flight at Bombay Hook NWR

I enjoy photographing birds, even more so the challenge of photographing them in flight.  My recent visit to Bombay Hook NWR did not disapoint.

At the start of the wildlife drive, I was immediately welcomed by an American Bald Eagle.

_DSC0013-1 11317.jpg

American Bald Eagle


After the thrill of clicking away, I had hopes that this was a sign of more good things to come.

It was.  It turned out to be an awesome day practicing flight photography.



Tundra Swans



Great Blue Heron



Mallards (male & female)



Northern Harrier



Another Northern Harrier



Bufflehead (female)



Northern Shovelers



Snow Geese



American Bald Eagle (with nesting material in tow)




American Black Ducks




Northern Pintails


Happy weekend, everyone!


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