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Brown Pelican Profiles

Brown Pelicans are one of those birds that will perch for long periods of time; and if around water, they enjoy the top of a pier.  As long as they are out of our reach, they seem content.  Great for us on photography practice.


Though sometimes something moving in the water below catches the Brown Pelican’s acute eyesight and he comes to attention.


I was excited with the set-up of the next photo opportunity but it was a cloudy day.  The color result wasn’t exciting, so I tried editing it in black & white and found I liked it better.


Cloudy days don’t provide the best of photos; but I did like this next one, he posed so nicely.  I think we had a moment.   🙂


The tooth-like formation at the tip of the Brown Pelican’s bill is used as an “egg tooth” to open its egg and, after hatching, serves as a tool for preening their feathers.




Their “egg-tooth” along with the 12″ long beak and flexible neck allows the Brown Pelican to really clean those feathers and reach that itch.


And, boy, sometimes the Brown Pelican can really throw you a uniquely beautiful “look”, as in this last photo.

Fun times with the Brown Pelicans!


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