Great Egret Reflections During Take-Off


I’m glad I looked in the direction again at two Great Egrets, to see one preparing to launch.


DSC_8028-1 32720

Great Egrets


DSC_8029-1 32720

Great Egrets


Who doesn’t love a windless, wetland reflection morning!



46 thoughts on “Great Egret Reflections During Take-Off

    • Thank you, Barbara! They can be so graceful, leaving the water. You’d think there’d be lots of water kicking and splashing with those feet. It’s all about the wings!!

        • I did go, wish you could have tagged along! I was out for three hours. There were surprisingly not a lot of birds, but that was okay. I just downloaded and quickly ran through/sorted the 600+ photos I took. I think I’m most excited with the Wood Stork up in a tree and the Glossy Ibis. Those two will be forthcoming for sure. ๐Ÿ˜

  1. What a joy to watch these birds taking off. Oh, the reflections, great captures, Donna! I plan to watch the inauguration tomorrow when I can, praying for a peaceful transition.

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