Warblers – A Fab Four


We’ve left home for our summer mid-West adventure, with our first stop in Indiana.  Leaving our motorhome for its scheduled warranty appointment, we headed north to the Indiana Dunes NP and southeast side of Lake Michigan to explore a few days.

Definitely on my list was to walk the Great Marsh Trail at the Indiana Dunes NP, a trail that I’ve enjoyed very much through featured posts in HeavensSunshine blog.  Although we weren’t able to meet (I’m still bummed, Irene!), I felt like I was walking one of her post hikes with her.  πŸ™‚

I didn’t have quite two hours on that trail but was very happy with so many bird sightings and good photos.  This post starts off with the four warbler species I captured, the first two that are bird lifers for me!  Woohoo!!  πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ


DSC_5616-1 51721 MagnoliaWarbler

Magnolia Warbler, Lifer #221


DSC_6718-1 51621CommonYellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat, Lifer #222


DSC_6812-1 51621 AmerRedstart M

American Redstart (male)


DSC_5628-1 51621AmerRedstaartF

American Redstart (female)


DSC_6729-1 51621 YellowWarbler

Yellow Warbler


There were many Yellow Warblers, so here’s a few more of them in habitat.  Such a gorgeous sunshiny yellow!

DSC_6831-1 51621 YellowWarbler

Yellow Warbler


DSC_6879-1 51621 YellowWarbler

Yellow Warblers snacking on the purple berries


DSC_6883-1 51621 YellowWarbler

Find the Yellow Warbler  πŸ˜ƒ


More to come from Indiana Dunes NP…..


44 thoughts on “Warblers – A Fab Four

  1. A lovely collection of Warblers Donna. Our birds that sing in a similar way have been given different names to that of Warbler hence we only have one Speckled Warbler but the Gerygone and Thornbill species would have been classified into your Warbler category also, as would others if they had been over in your country.

  2. Great pics! I was just at the Great Marsh yesterday trying to capture some warblers. I failed but I will try again. I don’t give up easily. Thanks for the link to my site. 😊

  3. So great you are visiting the Dunes. It is a great place to find warblers. I haven’t been for a few years. was going to attend the birding festival last year but of course it was canceled. Your Yellows are beautiful. Looking forward to more discoveries.

    • Thank you, Lisa! Yes, lots of warblers, I missed photographing some. We visited the weekend of this year’s birding festival, unbeknownst to me. Being a last minute trip, I hadn’t researched to discover that. Had I known….. πŸ˜‰

  4. Incredible photos, Donna! So glad you shared all these amazing shots of so many different beautiful warblers!!! I’m amazed you could see them all, not to speak of photographing them all. ☺️

    • Thank you, Carol! My practicing has finally started to pay-off, lol, I think too I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with my focus and tracking skills. No matter what, I am enjoying myself immensely. 😊

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