1-2-3 Cute As Can Be – #5


Here’s my continuing series of three photos of three small bird species, being adorably cute!

This post has the added bonus theme “sparrows”, with three different sparrows not shared in the past month’s series.  😊


DSC_9041-1 111121

White-throated Sparrow
6.3-7.1 inches (16-18 cm)


DSC_7114-1 102821

Swamp Sparrow
4.7-5.9 inches (12-15 cm)


DSC_7091-1 102821

Song Sparrow
4.7-6.7 inches (12-17 cm)


31 thoughts on “1-2-3 Cute As Can Be – #5

  1. They are indeed super cute. Love their big eyes! Love the bit of yellow on the White-throated Sparrow. I have captured two of these, except the Swamp Sparrow. One day maybe πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Simon! I love the little birdies, they give such adorable expressions. As they say, two out of three ain’t bad! But you gotta find the Swamp Sparrow, ‘cuz ‘three’s the charm’! (silly me πŸ˜‰ )

  2. What a wonderful series – and a reminder to me that a sparrow is more than just a ‘sparrow’ that wants to take over the bluebird houses. Thanks for sharing. By the way, would you please let me know when the tundra swans have returned to Eastern Neck. I know you spotted one on a pond nearby but we want to make a trip up there after the large group has returned. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Jane! I read there’s over 35 species of sparrows in North America, and most of us have about 15 species of them living around us for a season or two at least. πŸ™‚

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