Northern Mockingbird


The Northern Mockingbird is the third most used species for the designated State Bird in five of the U.S.’s fifty states.

Those five states are:  Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.


DSC_6489-1 102221

Northern Mockingbirds


DSC_2376-1 92021

Northern Mockingbird


DSC_4136-1 92721

Northern Mockingbird


Northern Mockingbirds are known to sing several hundred different songs.  In addition to mimicking the calls of other birds, Northern Mockingbirds have been known to imitate other animals (dogs, insects, frogs, toads) and manmade noises like music and machinery.

John James Audubon was so in awe of this bird’s singing ability, he wrote of the Northern Mockingbird in Birds of America, “There is probably no bird in the world that possesses all the musical qualifications of this king of song, who has derived all from Nature’s self.” 


DSC_6500-1 102221

Northern Mockingbird landing


DSC_6905-1 102821

Northern Mockingbird defending its territory from the sparrows below


DSC_7121-1 102821

Northern Mockingbird


44 thoughts on “Northern Mockingbird

  1. Great shots – I’m pretty much under the impression these birds are always in an angry mood based on my many encounters in the field ha!

    • Thank you, Ashley! I’ve had this bird trip me up with its singing, thinking I hear a new bird and then the mockingbird makes its appearance. Almost like it’s laughing at me for fun. 😉

  2. When I was living in Texas, there were Mockingbirds that had nests all around the building I worked in, in downtown Austin. During nesting, they were forever attacking people going into the building. I’ve stood in an uncovered parking lot, across the street and watched them dive-bomb people. I’ve had feet in my hair, walking down the sidewalk. Aggravating things…

  3. I sure enjoyed this tribute to the beautiful Northern Mockingbird, Donna. They truly are “king of song,” and such smart birds, too. Wonderful photos, too.

  4. Lovely collection of a mockingbird’s activities! I love its gray shading. Sometimes I wonder if I’m hearing one out back in the woods, going through its repertoire of songs.

  5. They really are lovely birds, with a wonderful call. If they weren’t so plentiful we would probably appreciate them so much more. My favorite is the one with the wings spread.

  6. They are interesting and entertaining birds for sure. We had one at our old house that liked to sit on top of the telephone pole in our backyard and sing, and from time to time mimic a car alarm. Oh, and dive bomb the neighbor’s cat. 😂😀

    Your images of these are wonderful.

    • Thank you, Deborah! A car alarm, cool…..NOT! 😂🤣 I can only imagine that, and thinking who’s car is that! lol I would enjoy watching one dive bombing a cat, the cat’s expression must be priceless. 😁

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