Autumn Color in a Mushroom and an Old Barn


As our autumn dwindles, I wanted to share these two subjects with autumn coloring that caught my eye.


DSC_2080-1 101421

Amanita Frostiana or Amanita Flavoconia


DSC_2080-2 101421


DSC_2107-1 101421


DSC_2179-1 110421


DSC_8315-1 110421


50 thoughts on “Autumn Color in a Mushroom and an Old Barn

    • Isn’t it such a bright yellow! I was sitting at my desk looking out the window and saw the bright yellow one morning. I had no idea what it was and was out the door with my camera to check out. I took more photos over the next couple days but it lost it’s color and quickly surmised. The only one too, I kept looking for more. I have no idea what that little green stuff that is growing in our yard, it has taken over a section under a huge willow oak tree. It does have pretty little leaves though!

    • Thank you, Ellen! Always cool to find an old barn for ops. That shroom popped up in our back yard, the only one, but I did enjoy seeing it out there for a week from my desk window, it was the brightest in the mornings around 8:00 am. Funny how stupid little things like that bring joy, lol.

  1. Who doesn’t love an old, weathered barn? They are so photo-worthy!
    The mushroom is flawless, not a single bite taken out of it. 😉 That last image reminds me of an egg yolk sprinkled with kosher salt. 😀

  2. Lovely to see some Autumn colours, Donna. We’ve had so much wind and rain here that we haven’t seen much of Autumn at all this year. I especially am drawn to that top photo.

    • Thank you, Lizzy! I thought we were not going to have autumn colors, just go to browns immediately because of the very hot August and Sept, but they finally started popping. It went quick, but we still have some colors.

    • Thank you, Barbara! I shot the mushroom in the early morning sunlight at its peak. It was a bright delight from my desk window in my backyard. Old barns always beckon me!

  3. The fungi looks like it’s had a light sprinkling of crumbs – looks delicious! 😉 I love the close up of the barn too, with the door hanging off, well framed.

  4. Just love looking at and taking pics of barns. This one is gorgeous! Somehow, although I see a lot of mushrooms, they are never as perfect and colorful as that. Great post!

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