Birds and Snow


I’ve put some previous photos in past weeks on hold, so I could continue with the birds I’ve captured in my back yard the first days they were dealing with the heavy snow and wind that arrived Sunday.


DSC_1557-1 010322

Northern Mockingbird


DSC_1497-2 010322

Blue Jay


DSC_1739-1 010422

Red-winged Blackbirds (females and immatures, at least two males)


DSC_1584-1 010322

Red-winged Blackbird (male)


DSC_1456-1 010322

House Finch (male)


DSC_2023-1 010422

Dark-eyed Junco


DSC_1887-1 010422

European Starling


DSC_1539-1 010322

Northern Cardinal (male) and House Sparrow (female)


DSC_2195-1 010522

White-throated Sparrow


The snow has been melting quickly and making a mess everywhere.Β  Tonight we are forecast for another 3-5 inches of snow.Β  Yay!


42 thoughts on “Birds and Snow

  1. We’ve had warmer weather this week and the snow is melting fast here as well. It was so pretty while it lasted though.
    The look on the little House Sparrow’s face is hilarious!! I think she’s wondering what you’re taking his photo for? πŸ˜‚

    I just love seeing that Cardinal!! Stay warm and safe!!

  2. Beautiful, clear captures, Donna. Are these snow storms historically new patterns, or is it ‘normal’ for your area? It seems like deep snow isn’t common there, ie. not enough snow removal equipment, snow tires, etc.

    • Thank you, Eliza! It seems every 3-5 years we get a snow storm or two. Most winters, it’s just enough few inches here or there. In the mid-Atlantic I think we’re pretty equipped with snow removal equipment for the most part. If we were to get two feet plus, that might be a different answer though!

      • Thanks, I often wonder when I see these big storms in the news. We seem to get less snow (more rain) with each passing winter, so I guess patterns are changing somewhat.

  3. Love the contrast of these birds in the snow Donna, so well captured, especially the Blue Jay and Cardinal. Praying for your mum and dad, especially for your dad at this time. We have a close friend going through exactly the same situation with her parents having Covid and her father very sick. The Covid is rampant here and people around us are going down like flies, affecting supply and services. We pray the Lord protect you and your family through this time.

    • Thank you, Ashley, what fun it’s been with the snow ops and these birds visiting my backyard! I appreciate your prayers for my Dad and his wife (she’s not my mom), it is a scary time for way too many people.

  4. Delightful captures of feathered friends enjoying (?) the snow. That House Finch seemed to be giving you the stink eye for sure! πŸ˜‹

  5. Nothing quite so pretty as birds in the snow. Beautiful pictures, Donna! I love the little Dark-eyed Junco, I haven’t seen any here yet this year. Also love the White-throated Sparrow alone in the vast snowscape! ❄️

    • Thank you, Barbara! We have quite a few Juncos but I was surprised/excited to see the WTSparrow for the first time in my backyard. Now I’m seeing it often, and now I know where to look. πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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