Eagle in Flight with a Fish


Since in my last post I shared an Osprey in flight with a fish, I thought it befitting to follow with a post of a Bald Eagle also in flight with a fish.  🙂


DSC_1869-1 030222

Bald Eagle


DSC_1870-1 030222


DSC_1873-1 030222


DSC_1876-2 030222


Whether heading back to the nest or off to perch for personal enjoyment, lickity-split the Eagle was gone!



57 thoughts on “Eagle in Flight with a Fish

  1. Superb shots, of this Eagle and the Osprey in your previous post. It looks like the Eagle holds the fish closer to its body and the Osprey.

  2. I found myself gawking at the classic eagle squared-off bill and gorgeous wings and didn’t immediately see the fish in the talons, so I’m glad you clued us in. Donna, these photos are fantastic.

  3. I tried to film an egret eating a fish the other day but i think i was to slow to find my camera. Haha. Awesome catch, Donna (pun intended 🤣) The eagle is hiding the fishy 🐟❗️

    • Thank you, Al! The Eagle was making sure another didn’t see the fish to try to take it away. 😉 Actually good eye! Eagles do carry their prey tight to their body. Osprey do not. 🙂

    • It will! 🙂 There’s no problem on the fish supply here around the Chesapeake Bay. It boasts nearly 350 species of fish, from year-rounders to migratories who come in for breeding from the Atlantic Ocean. Us human fishermen have rules, limits, and only certain times fish can be sought, but the birds of the air and water have a year-round buffet. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ashley! I was delighted when the Eagle banked its flight right in front of me, as I had missed it catching the fish right alongside me. So it was still gaining altitude! I do love that very serious face too. I can just imagine it’s mind thinking, “Okay, got that one, now back to the nest to the Mrs.” This Eagle was certainly on a mission. 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous bird! You have captured this eagle so well. Thanks, Donna. 🙂

    • Thank you much, HJ! I missed the catch, but was delighted the eagle banked its flight right in front of me as it gained altitude!! 😊 Do you think it wanted to still give me a chance at a photo? 😉

  5. Guessing you are already aware, but you can always tell an Osprey from an Eagle at a distance when they have a fish – Osprey’s hold the fish parallel to the body where Eagles hold perpendicular. Personally, I think Ospreys got it right with the decreased drag and all ha. Great shots.

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