Coming In For A Landing


Like the rest of the country, we’ve experienced some drastic weather patterns recently, where we might experience a light fog on our cold mornings.


DSC_0137-1 022122

Bald Eagle preparing to land with its mate on an old hunter’s duck blind
Tundra Swans dot the waters behind
Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background behind the northern tip of Kent Island
Photographed from Eastern Neck NWR entrance causeway


26 thoughts on “Coming In For A Landing

  1. I enlarged the picture and that position shows the bird beautifully in it’d surroundings. Our weather is also crazy. We have snow in Norfolk again after temperatures being in double figures for a while.

  2. We have been under fog for well over a week and it is dreary and does affect my mood, but I like this scene. I could watch for a long time and it reminds me that regardless of the fog, stuff still goes on that we can enjoy.

  3. Keep hearing about the cold days back home – must say I am liking it here in the deep south.. not looking forward to heading back in a a few weeks.

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