Five On The Wing – #34

Continuing my series of five bird species captured in flight!


DSC_0495-1 122822

Ring-billed Gull


DSC_8424-1 112322

Buffleheads (females)


DSC_4816-1 030323

Wood Duck (male)


DSC_0739-1 010123

Snow Geese


DSC_9796-1 022122

Canada Geese


DSC_9072-1 120522

Canada Geese taking flight


36 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #34

  1. The snow globes really tell the story! That was spectacular. I am still gasping. They could eat out a ….vast area!!! No wonder that immature bald Eagle was in a kind of food heaven… thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Although we have tens, if not hundreds, of Canada geese on our estuary, I’ve never managed to get near enough to get a close-up photo. Imagine my surprise then, when at the end of a 5 day walk yesterday (posts to come) I found a lonesome goose, just ‘resting’ and it didn’t seem to mind me clicking away only 10 to 12 feet away!

    • Thank you, Hans! The Wood Ducks are arriving now for nesting and breeding. I got to see six yesterday and was very excited, even though they were too far to photograph. I’ll be scouting my Wood Duck areas now. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Pepper! I feel like I have really come together with my 14 yrs of practicing. But I still don’t win them all. Luck is still key many times, I think the hardest is learning to pan the bird while maintaining focus all while hand-holding. Instead of thinking, oh I won’t get that one, I took the shot. And never stopped since! 😊

    • Thank you, Brian, I was quite tickled with the WD flight shot. I did have to lighten up the contrast a bit. I have started see pairs of Wood Ducks in recent weeks, going to be revisiting those sites for sure!

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