Cedar Waxwings

I have a new passion for Cedar Waxwings.  Before the last few months, I’d only seen a small flock of a dozen or so at most, not often either.


Cedar Waxwings


I’ve now become accustomed to seeing them daily, early in the morning from my yard, so love it!


Cedar Waxwings


Past couple weeks, they’ve been traveling in larger flocks as they do in the fall/winter months.


Flock of Cedar Waxwings





The Cedar Waxwing’s tail tip is a bright yellow.  It’s possible to see some with orange/red tail tips.  This occurs from the bird’s diet.  They love honeysuckle berries, and it’s been found that the imported invasive Morrow’s Honeysuckle’s berries contains red as well as the normal yellow honeysuckle pigment.  If a Cedar Waxwing happens to eat enough of Morrow’s Honeysuckle berries at the time of feather formation (they molt between August and January), its tail feathers will have orange/red tips instead of the usual yellow.

I ‘ve seen orange/red tail tipped Cedar Waxwings.  Next, is a not-so-great shot of two Cedar Waxwings showing the tips of their tail orange/red.


Cedar Waxwings (top left, top right) have orange/red tail tips


One more photo of these gorgeous birds….


Cedar Waxwings



33 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings

  1. Interesting to read about the color differences based on the kind of berries they eat. Thanks for sharing Donna. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. One of my favorite birds, their fine feathers create a velvety look. Interesting about diet at molt effecting tail color, but makes sense– like cardinals and flamingoes, diet counts!

  3. Such handsome birds! You certainly have a bunch of them enjoying your hospitality.
    We should start seeing them filter through our area pretty soon now.

    • This morning I was out watching and photographing them again, not a huge flock this time, but still exciting to watch them up even closer than the photos here I just posted. Figures! 😉 lol

  4. We have waxwings visiting a neighbouring town but sadly none have been seen locally yet this year. They are lovely birds.

    • When I saw a flock land off in the distance on that tree, I figured they were starlings. But I still put my binoculars on them and almost lost my balance fumbling to get my zoom lens on them when I realized they were waxwings. 😂😊

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