Great Blue Heron Coming In For A Landing

Welcome to Chesapeake Farms’ Neff Ponds airport…..


GBH:  “Air Traffic Controller, this is GBH 01 doing a fly-by.  Am I clear to land?”



Air Traffic Controller:  “10-4, GBH 01, you are clear to land.  Note the slight wind at 10 mph.”

GBH:  “10-4, Air Traffic Controller, will circle back around.  Wing gear being set for wind control.”









Great Blue Herons

I’ve seen a lot of Great Blue Herons recently and can’t help myself in capturing them if I’m able to. They do make it easy if you don’t spook them!












Did I mention I’d seen a lot?!!  😉


A Symbolic Bird Visit

Well, hello there!  It’s been a long while since my last post.  Just too much going on that’s not allowing any blogging time, and I’ve missed so many of yours, so sorry!  The down time has all been good, including lots of sleep-overs with our grandboys.  Other good news will be forthcoming maybe in another month or so….

With all the good, exhaustive chaos, I’ve had little time to get out with nature.  My early mornings with coffee/birding in my backyard has had to suffice to keep me birding-happy.  I did finally make it out two early mornings this past week to the refuge and farm that were just awesome.

Yesterday morning, having spent an enjoyable 45 minutes on my deck with my coffee and counting birds (25 species!), I stopped my time and turned to go back into the house.  I glanced up to see what might be flying overhead before walking in and saw a white pigeon sitting on our roof, watching me.  I froze, admiring its beauty.  I wondered how long it had been there.  It just kept watching me, so I slowly brought up my camera to get some shots.


Rock Pigeon




I stepped under the roof eave, thinking just how wonderful that sighting was for me.  I waited a few seconds and stepped slowly back out to view it again, and the pigeon was gone.

White pigeons are unique birds with powerful symbolisms of peace, fertility, purity, and prosperity.  They are also considered to be a symbol of the holy spirit, adding to their spiritual significance.  It was a perfect-timing visit for me!

And those recent grandboys’ visits?!!  Here’s a good laugh of hubby and I after they leave each time!  🤪🤣


But, boy, do we have fun while they are here!


Perched Raptors


My last post shared flying raptors, now here are a few taking a break!


Bald Eagle (adult)


Bald Eagle (juvenile 1st year)


Red-tailed Hawk


Cooper’s Hawk (juvenile)


Cooper’s Hawk (adult)


Turkey Vultures


Black Vulture


Bald Eagle


Osprey (check out that 180° head-turn!)


Osprey now checking YOU out!  😉



Five On The Wing – #35


Time for another series of five bird species in flight, with the added bonus all are raptors!


Red-tailed Hawk


Red-shouldered Hawk


Northern Harrier


Bald Eagles – adult left, immature right


Osprey catching sight of an Eagle and high-tails it to avoid a pursuit


Bird power in the sky!


Five On The Wire – #13


Five bird species perched on a wire, enjoying those 360° views!


Northern Mockingbird


American Goldfinch (male)


Chipping Sparrow


Purple Martins


Eastern Kingbird


Herons and Egrets


Two herons and two egrets, all ready for some good summer fishing!


Great Blue Heron


Great Egret


Snowy Egret


Green Heron



Red-bellied and Red-headed Woodpeckers

Several Red-bellied Woodpeckers are daily visitors in my backyard trees and lovers of my feeders.


Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)


Red-bellied Woodpecker (female, no red on top of head)


Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)


However, Red-headed Woodpeckers aren’t so common in our area, let alone my backyard.

Just a couple weeks ago, while doing a little birding on the back deck with my seven year old grandson, he hollered out a species sighting…

“Look, there’s a Red-headed Woodpecker!”

“No, that’d be a Red-bellied Woodpecker, remember?  Where is it?”  I asked.

“Over there, and no it’s not a Red-bellied, it is a Red-headed, Grandma! Look!”, he exclaimed while pointing.

Sure as I’m sitting here typing this, there up in my tree was a Red-headed Woodpecker!!  😁😉

Well, my adrenaline kicked in 😂 and I ran for my camera to capture proof of Matt’s bird sighting, that stunning Red-headed Woodpecker.


Red-headed Woodpecker


Red-headed Woodpecker


I was so darn proud of my grandson and poured on the hugs and congratulations!  He is becoming quite the birder already for a seven year old!  😊

One final shot of a Red-bellied Woodpecker, for fun!


“So where’d that red-headed fella go??”



Hungry Little Robin


I have a lot of American Robins in my back yard.  It seemed like only yesterday, the adults were running around, collecting nesting materials.


American Robin with mouthful of nesting materials



Of course, it was just a matter of time when the fledglings would be hopping around on the ground, chasing parents, begging for something wormy to eat.


American Robin fledgling


I had to giggle at this little one.

The parent was quite dutiful in supplying worms.  The little one didn’t have to even budge from its spot.


Parent running to a begging fledgling with a worm



And then another worm….



And another…



Nonstop!  That little robin’s belly had to be getting full!


But I’m hungry….I really am!



Turtle Tuesday

For turtle fans!

Maryland has 22 turtle species (19 native, 3 introduced).  Here are my favorite shots of three species I’ve seen so far this Spring.


Eastern painted turtle


Eastern painted turtles


Northern red-bellied cooter


Snapping turtle


Now where ya going??






Now….no one move and roll the log again!


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