Barn Swallows

Our area Barn Swallows are long gone for the fall/winter, having migrated to Central and South America.

Any time I was over at our marina this past summer, the small colony that lived beneath our dock were always flying around or perched on boat lines.  Even on top of our bimini, where they loved to sit and poop, much to my husband’s dismay.

Here’s four more of my favorites from this past summer not shared previously.




Incoming Canada Geese


Our skies and waters are beginning to show the early arrivals of the thousands of migrating Canada Geese that will come to spend the fall and winter on Maryland’s Eastern Shore farms and marshes.


Canada Geese


Did you know?
Canada Geese pair up and mate for life.  That’s goose commitment!



Cambridge Creek Turtles

Two turtles that co-habitat together in Cambridge Creek.  As the season begins to change, they will both bury deep in the mud to hibernate and reappear in the Spring.


Diamondback Terrapins



Snapping Turtle “Curious Big Boy”



And the turtles, of course…
All the turtles are FREE
As turtles and, maybe,
ALL creatures should be.

— Dr Seuss




A Cormorant & The Fish That Almost Got Away – Action Sequence

Cormorants have an impressive fishing technique of diving and chasing fish underwater using their powerful webbed feet and awesome underwater vision.

Once they hook a fish with their beak, the Cormorant returns to the surface to toss and swallow it.

After this Cormorant resurfaced with its catch, it missed the toss!  The fish tried desperately to get away; but the Cormorant was too quick to let that happen.


(click on the first photo to run through the action!)

Double-crested Cormorant working hard for its meal



One Perch – Two Hours – Three Big Birds

My last post featured a Bald Eagle captured in flight as it went up and down Cambridge Creek.

There was more to the story….  😉

It’s possible mate was on the Osprey nest platform.  (Oh, Osprey Bella would be so upset if she knew!)


DSC_4195-1 10519

Bald Eagle


Because there was no fighting or aggression between the two Eagles over the fish meal, I suspected they were mates.


DSC_4244-1 10519

Bald Eagle with a fish


The Eagle in flight did leave the area after flying past me, leaving this Eagle to finish its meal.


After the meal was gone, the Bald Eagle cleaned its beak alongside the wood


Did you notice the leg band above?  I discovered it when I downloaded my photos!  I unfortunately could not make out any numbers or letters.

Finally, a great Eagle profile when the sun shined.


DSC_4455-1 10519

Bald Eagle showing off its leg band


I checked a half hour later to see if the Eagle was still on the platform.  It was gone.

But look what I found in its place.


DSC_4515-1 10519

Great Blue Heron


Well, that was a pleasant surprise!


DSC_4497-1 10519

Great Blue Heron


The Great Blue Heron was just hanging out in the breezy conditions.  Nice!  I watched it off and on for a few minutes.


DSC_4554-1 10519

Great Blue Heron “one-legging it”


Less than a half hour later, I did a quick look; the Great Blue Heron was gone.

Oh, but now look what I found perched!


DSC_4588-1 10519

Turkey Vulture


While the Eagle was eating its fish, there was a Turkey Vulture soaring overhead, I’m sure keeping an eye on the platform and any possible leftovers.

But then that Great Blue Heron showed up after the Eagle departed.

Finally, with the Great Blue Heron gone, the Turkey Vulture could land and clean up the platform.


DSC_4580-1 10519

Turkey Vulture eating the remains of the fish


DSC_4577-1 10519

Turkey Vulture


This two-hour experience has me back to glancing at the platform more often, who knows what I might see on it next time!



An Eagle In Flight

A few days ago, my husband shouted, “Eagle!”   I was out the slider door and onto the balcony with my camera in-hand lickity split!  😉


I spotted the Bald Eagle flying down Cambridge Creek, make a U-turn, and head back my direction.  As it closed in, the Eagle then turned again and flew directly in front of me.


DSC_4158-1 10519

Bald Eagle
(no crop, only ‘sized’ for this post)



DSC_4159-1 10519

Bald Eagle
(since I caught him at the bottom of my frame, I cropped this shot)


I will never tire of the majestic Bald Eagle making a surprise appearance!



Lesser Yellowlegs

A Lesser Yellowlegs striking the perfect pose.


DSC_3535-2 92019

Lesser Yellowlegs



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