Baltimore Oriole (WooHoo!)


Not long after seeing the Red-headed Woodpecker in my last post, I saw a flash of flaming orange flying at the top of the trees, disappearing again behind another set the leaves.  Could it be?  Finally?

For sure, the challenge was on to capture this bird I’ve seen numerous times but has eluded my lens (and list) for years.

Yes!  Welcome to my photographed bird lifer list #207 Baltimore Oriole!


DSC_2658-1 6320

Baltimore Oriole (male)



It actually took me until late yesterday to finally capture worthy photos of this handsome male.


DSC_2634-1 6320

Baltimore Oriole (male)


I’ve not sighted the female, although I’ve heard her.  I believe she’s incubating on a nest hidden in a couple trees I’ve been eyeing.


DSC_2710-1 6320

Baltimore Oriole (male)


WooHoo!  Please join me in a ‘happy dance’!  💃 💃 💃



Red-headed Woodpecker


I last shared a photo of a Red-bellied Woodpecker, this post shares another woodpecker species, the Red-headed Woodpecker.

Whew, time flies when things get crazy busy, leaving you no time for hobbies.  I’ve missed posting, and I’ve missed your blogs!  Getting home a month later than planned due to the pandemic, we had much to do, crammed in half the time left, before departing for a preplanned June trip.

Whew again.  We are now in Indiana for our scheduled warranty work appointment on our RV.

As soon as we arrived, I immediately saw a beautiful Red-headed Woodpecker making its rounds on the trees around us at the campground.  It didn’t take long to get a couple nice photos of it.


DSC_2485-2 6120

Red-headed Woodpecker


DSC_2505-1 6120

Red-headed Woodpecker hopping up the tree with its larvae snack


Hmmmm…..wonder what other birds and wildlife I’ll be finding in Indiana for the next few weeks while here?  😉



Red-bellied Woodpecker on a Fence


This is a first for me to see a woodpecker resting on a fence, so that adds to my thrill of getting this pretty shot.


DSC_8439-1 32820

Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)



Reflecting Birds on a Foggy Morning


Arriving at the 10,000 Islands NWR early one morning this past March, the rising sun was just beginning to burn off a light fog.

I hurried to my favorite location to see what I might find in the shallow pools between the mangroves.

I couldn’t believe the spectacular sight….


Reflecting Birds on a Foggy Morning


In just a few minutes, the fog disappeared.  The bright sun aroused the birds; and just as quickly, they left, off to find their breakfast and begin their day.



Eye of an Alligator


High on an embankment, I followed this American Alligator slowly floating along a canal.  I thought the water and reflections were pretty and added a nice touch.


DSC_7609-1 11920

American Alligator


The alligator slowed down to a stop.  So I stopped too, and remained still in my safe spot.  Good, I thought, now I can try some close-ups of its eye.

When I processed my photos, I was not expecting to find this….


DSC_7622-2 11920

Alligator’s Eye Reflecting Me #1


See me?

S/he started moving again, so again I slowly followed.  I had no idea that I had captured my reflection in the alligator’s eye.

In this next photo, you can see a wooden road barrier I am behind.


DSC_7713-1 11920

Alligator’s Eye Reflecting Me #2


The alligator floated eventually into the sunlit water, overexposing the scene so I turned around and left, hoping I got some good close-ups.  😊

(photos take January 2020, Big Cypress National Preserve Park, Florida)


Black-bellied Plover

Looking through my long lens, I knew I had something special when I saw this bird foraging way out on a sandbar a few days ago.


DSC_2126-0 51420


Welcome to my bird lifer list, #206 Black-bellied Plover!  They are the largest and heaviest of our North American plovers.

My crops are heavy but still good enough to ID thankfully.


DSC_2126-2 51420

Black-bellied Plover


Black-bellied Plovers are also the hardiest of the plovers, breeding farther north than others, all the way to the very top of the world.


DSC_2109-1 51420

Black-bellied Plover foraging


A widespread shorebird, the Black-bellied Plover is found on six continents.

I’m thinking, it’s about time I’ve photographed this beauty!



Snowy Egret Having A Bad Hair Day


An early morning walk this past week along a berm of rocks, and this unexpectedly popped up before me!


DSC_1727-1 51020

Snowy Egret’s Bad Hair Day


As the Snowy Egret managed its wiggly snack, I stepped forward to hopefully get some of those rocks out of the frame.


DSC_1730-2 51020

Snowy Egret managing its wiggly snack in the wind


DSC_1733-1 51020

Oops!  Now the Snowy Egret sees me and quickly stands tall on alert.


I quickly looked away and stood still, waited a bit, and then looked back out the corner of my eye.  The egret was still there but had turned the other direction, no longer concerned with me.

There were more important things on its mind… washing that tasty snack!


Snowy Egret dipping/washing its crustacean meal in the water


No more photos to share in this series, which means…, I did not get the gulp!  Argh!!  😉



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