Tufted Titmouse


Temperatures in Indiana have subsided from the 90’s into more comfortable high 70’s/low 80s for a few days, so we decided to check out a small park to get in some nature walking (and hopefully me some birding).

The birds were there but keeping their hiding spot a secret.  I had my eye on this young Tufted Titmouse flitting from branch to branch, playing ‘cat and mouse’ with me as I tried to get a photo.

And then it flew to an open branch and lingered just long enough…..  Click!


DSC_2962-1 8620

Tufted Titmouse


And then the Tufted Titmouse was gone!  It’s been a long time since I’ve captured this species, so I am tickled with this photo.



Brown Pelican Fly-By


I didn’t see this Brown Pelican coming from my left until it was right in front of me, full frame.

So close, I heard the wings flap with a ‘whoosh‘!


DSC_2171-2 21620

Brown Pelican


DSC_2173-2 21620

Brown Pelican


With a massive wingspan of 6.5 – 7 feet, these large birds are masterful flyers, flying at speeds up to 30 mph!

(Photos taken February 2020 at 10,000 Islands NWR, Everglades, Florida)



Red-shouldered Hawk


An early morning capture of a Red-shouldered Hawk, hanging out on a wire, watching the ground below….taking a moment to put that eye on me for this profile shot.


DSC_8380-1 12920

Red-shouldered Hawk



Snowy Egret Lands To Fish


I still remember the wonderful experience with this Snowy Egret in breeding plumage that I photographed this past May back home in Maryland.


DSC_0827-1 5220

Snowy Egret coming in for a landing


DSC_0828-1 5220

Snowy Egret landing


DSC_0832-1 5220

Snowy Egret goes fishing


DSC_0834-1 5220

“Eye on the prize”


DSC_0838-1 5220

Snowy Egret misses the strike (and so don’t I!)


DSC_0676-2 5220

The Snowy Egret’s bare skin on their face changes color from yellow to reddish during breeding season


DSC_0731-1 5220



DSC_0752-1 5220

“Striking again”


DSC_0790-1 5220

“Another Strike”


DSC_0759-1 5220

“The Prize”
(for all that hard work and splash in the face!)


Hanging at the boardwalk, waiting and hoping for any bird to arrive……became well worth the wait for this beautiful Snowy Egret photo session.   😊


Snowy Egrets In Flight


A collage of Snowy Egrets in flight from this past winter, taken in Florida.

I couldn’t pick just one to share!


(click on first to enlarge and run through series)

Snowy Egrets in Flight


Which one do you like best if you could pick just one?  🧐  😊



Canada Geese – With Something to Say


The pair of resident Canada Geese drinking in unison in my previous post are also featured in this one as well.  But this post shows what happened just prior to the drinking.

It was sweet, Mr & Mrs Canada Goose were taking a leisurely walk around the water, when a pair of newcomers dropped down from the sky and immediately started walking towards them.



The Newcomers              “The Showdown”            The Residents Mr & Mrs


The male resident goose quickly got loud and stern, letting the newcomers know this was his turf.  He’s so agitated, it even got the hair up on his neck.



The resident male Canada Goose letting the newcomers know they are not welcomed


The newcomers made a change in their walking direction towards and  into the water, leaving without incident or so much a squabble.

And residents, Mr & Mrs Canada Goose, continued their leisurely stroll, heading for that puddle of water to drink and celebrate in unison.



Canada Geese – Drinking In Unison


Photographing this pair of Canada Geese drinking water, I got lucky when they drank in unison.  The reflections were a bonus.


DSC_1588-1 5720

Canada Geese


DSC_1591-1 5720

Canada Geese


DSC_1593-1 5720

Canada Geese


It is refreshing to see birds and other wildlife quench their thirst.  😊

An interesting fact, Canada Geese mate for life!



Sights Along The Biking Trails


Since the birds aren’t cooperating with any photo shoots on the biking trails (who can blame them when two bikes are headed right at them!), I’ll share a few photos I’ve stopped to capture in the last two months.



We all know those birds are hiding from me in those photos.  😉


Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon


Lees Ferry is a historical site on the Colorado River in Arizona, about 7-8 miles from Page, Arizona.  It lies at the start of Marble Canyon and is considered the official beginning of Grand Canyon National Park.

For hundreds of miles, the site of Lees Ferry was one of only two places where one could easily access the Colorado River from both sides.  This site served as an important river crossing for the Anasazi, Paiute and Navajo peoples, followed by Spanish expeditions, and eventually as a gateway for the expansion of American settlement from Utah south into Arizona.

In 1873, John Doyle Lee (who the site is named after) launched his first boat to ferry people across at this site to improve crossing.

Ferry service continued until 1928 when the nearby Navajo Bridge was completed that allowed for the far more efficient automobile travel between Utah and Arizona.


DSC_9852-4 71616 Marble Canyon Colorado River

Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon, Arizona


Today, Lees Ferry provides a campground and is one of the best launching points for whitewater rafting trips down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

(Photo taken July 2016)




Flower Power – Another Hibiscus


Sharing a little ‘sunshine’ to brighten your day!


DSC_0532-1 21920


DSC_0532-2 21920



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