Herons of North America

We have six heron species in the United States.  While in Florida where they vast in numbers, I was able to photograph five of them with little difficulty, and I’m still going through my photos.

The one that eluded me during those three months was the adult Yellow-crowned Night Heron.  So I’ve included a photo courtesy of Eric Lipton to show for comparisons.

I thought a great way to share more heron photos would be to see them side-by-side in one post.

Do you know them by sight?




Sharing some shots in their habitats…..




As with many young birds, it gets a little trickier with some of the heron juveniles, especially the juvenile Little Blue Heron that is surprisingly all white.  I actually heard people ID it as a Snowy Egret on several occasions.  You can see the similarities (and differences) in the right photo below.


Little Blue Heron adult, juvenile and Snowy Egret comparison


Herons are fun to photograph and a favorite among many.  (And I still have heron photos to go through, so more to come I’m sure.  🙂 )



Palm Fronds Abstract

I love palm trees and took photos of many when in Florida this past winter.

For some reason, this next type of vision appealed to me.  It was this photo that made the ‘cut’ for what I was looking for, processed in B&W.


DSC_3038-1 21920


And now a little more fun with the photo.




Roseate Spoonbill Gallery


Sharing a few more photos of the gorgeous Roseate Spoonbill I was fortunate to see this past February/March in the Everglades of southwest Florida.


Roseate Spoonbills



DSC_4032-3 22420

Looks like this photo has a good storyline!  😉



Birds of Gray


I gathered more photos of these four gray birds here and there these past few months.

So here’s their best photo from the balance, sharing a gallery together.  The Northern Mockingbird got lucky with two photos.



“Gray is the queen of colors, because she makes everyone else look good.”  

—  Helen Van Wyk (1930-1994) Artist, Teacher and host of PBS’s “Welcome To My Studio” television show.



Laughing Gulls and A Piece of Pizza


It was a quiet, cloudy afternoon.  Until a flock of Laughing Gulls and a piece of pizza entered the scene.

Always great practice shooting!  With a surprise at download, the only item that had a pop of color was the pizza.

Sharing a fun post!


DSC_0844-1 52620

The Chase Begins


Other Laughing Gulls quickly got into the game of chase.


DSC_0847-1 52620


That piece of pizza was dropped and grabbed several times.


Laughing Gulls and a piece of pizza up for grabs


Making a smart, swift exit from the others, the Laughing Gull in the last photo was the prize winner…..if you can call a soggy piece of pizza a prize.  😉



Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset


I’m still reminiscing over all the beautiful sunsets I watched this past winter in Florida.

Here’s another one of them to share with you.


DSC_1036-1 3120

Sunset over Chokoloskee Bay, Florida


“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”  —  Richie Norton



A Willet Will Let You

Take it’s photograph, of course, if you’re still and patient!

I watched this Willet come and go from the same exact spots several times a day for a couple weeks last month at the campground we stayed at.

It began trusting me more and more, allowing me to get closer as it foraged each day or when it just hung out.

Sometimes I was photographing both the Willet and the Killdeer featured in recent posts at the same time, as they scurried past each other in their foraging.  Of course, as much as I tried, I never did get them in the same shot focused.  😉

Here’s a gallery of my favorites taken of the Willet.




I even got to watch it take baths in a puddle.


Willet taking a bath


It is always a joy to watch a bird enjoy a bath.  My last photo sure looks like the Willet’s grinning to prove so!



Eagles in Flight


Both juvenile and adult Bald Eagles in flight.



Impressive wingspans are up to 6 1/2 ft wide.



So powerful and majestic.



And always a thrill to get to see one!



Pair of Red-shouldered Hawks


This past March, it was shortly after sunrise when I spotted this pair of Red-shouldered Hawks perched alongside the road.

Always a treat to capture a pair together, I quickly pulled over and walked back.


DSC_5822-1 31920

Red-shouldered Hawks (male on left, female on right)


The male was focused on the marsh below them, and suddenly dove.  I stayed with the female to see what she would do.  She remained motionless, except for just a downward tilt of her head to watch her mate in action.


DSC_5828-1 31920

Female Red-shouldered Hawk watching her mate on the ground

(These photos were taken along the Tamiami Trail (US 41) that passes through the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park.)



Killdeer Reflections


Several posts back, I shared photos of a pair of Killdeer and their eggs.  The last I saw them, the parents were still incubating the eggs.  I was disappointed to miss seeing the hatchlings.

I did, however, get a chance to watch one of the parents one day around the water’s edge, creating some nice reflections.


DSC_2154-1 51420



DSC_2164-1 51420



Let’s hope those little hatchlings were born healthy and are growing strong each new day!



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