Chesapeake Bay Magazine 2011 Annual Photography Contest
(published in June 2011 Issue)

First Place – Wildlife Category  –  Mallard Duckling – less than 14 hours old


Honorable Mention – Wildlife Category   (same year/issue)
A recently fledged osprey taking a break on the berm.
(Osprey parents are Oyster Cove’s Oliver & Olivia)


What’s Up Eastern Shore Magazine 2011 ‘Join The Fun on the Water Photo Contest
(published in April 2011 Issue)

Second Place and Coveted Cover Page

Thank you bunches for checking out my achievements!

One thought on “Achievements

  1. Awwww!! What a cute baby duck!! Great shot! Wonder what he looks like now?

    It was thrilled to see Oliver and Olivia’s offspring. What an awesome picture! I’d say that one is tied for first place too!! Maybe the offspring is a female because I see that stylish necklace around her neck. Well I’m probably 50% right! 🙂 It is so cool that she will be helping to increase the osprey population in a few years. The color and symmetry in her wings is so beautiful.

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