Snowy Egret Having A Bad Hair Day


An early morning walk this past week along a berm of rocks, and this unexpectedly popped up before me!


DSC_1727-1 51020

Snowy Egret’s Bad Hair Day


As the Snowy Egret managed its wiggly snack, I stepped forward to hopefully get some of those rocks out of the frame.


DSC_1730-2 51020

Snowy Egret managing its wiggly snack in the wind


DSC_1733-1 51020

Oops!  Now the Snowy Egret sees me and quickly stands tall on alert.


I quickly looked away and stood still, waited a bit, and then looked back out the corner of my eye.  The egret was still there but had turned the other direction, no longer concerned with me.

There were more important things on its mind… washing that tasty snack!


Snowy Egret dipping/washing its crustacean meal in the water


No more photos to share in this series, which means…, I did not get the gulp!  Argh!!  😉



Killdeers and a Nest


For the past couple weeks, I’ve been watching a pair of Killdeer.


DSC_1818-1 51020



DSC_1034-1 5320



It took a few days before I walked into a specific area and suddenly had one of the Killdeers screaming at me, bobbing and running, then putting on their broken-wing display.  This is the Killdeer’s defense distraction, to feign injury to lure a predator’s attention to them and away from their nest.


Killdeer feigning injury to draw my attention


Killdeer use a scrape on the ground for their nest, sometimes in gravel.

I scanned the gravel along the shed nearby.


DSC_1287-1 5520

Do you see the nest and eggs?
(dead center)


DSC_1334-1 5520

Killdeer Eggs


While one incubates…..

Killdeer incubating eggs



the mate stays nearby, foraging and guarding their territory.



Killdeer eggs hatch in 22-28 days.  I am hoping to see and share little ones before they vacate the nest after birth.  They look like cotton balls on stilts!



A Nautical Twist


A little twist to my normal photos.

These three nautical visions caught my eye back in March….


DSC_1133-2 3720



DSC_1585-2 3920

“Furled Sail”


_DSC0051-2 31320

“Sailboat Mast & Line Reflections”



Wood Stork Gallery

While observing the Wood Stork, English naturalist Richard Bradley (1688?–1732) noted, “Their faces look like an old country man that’s had too much sun and is much in need of a facelift.”  

This past winter, high on my Florida photo-op wish list was the uniquely gorgeous Wood Stork.

Here are more of my favorite captures to share their beauty!


Wood Storks



Palm Warblers


Palm Warblers are making their way north in their Spring migration to their breeding grounds in the upper Great Lakes, Maine, and Canada.

Here’s some of my sightings.


Palm Warblers


Watch for yours enroute through or for arrival!



Momma Robin and Her Baby


Even though her baby is now flying, this Momma Robin continues to care for it.


DSC_0559-1 5220

American Robin “Momma”



DSC_0556-2 5220

American Robin Fledgling “Momma’s Baby”


Happy Mother’s Day!



Spring Birds in Maryland


Week and a half ago, we finally made it back home to Maryland, and we’re catching up on life.

Here’s some of my recent Spring birds just outside my door….




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