Wildlife Comedy: American Robin “Gangster”

My American Robin buddy playing “gangster” on me.

DSC_9490-1 61019

“You got something to say to me?”


DSC_9502-1 61019

“Oh, you wanna take this outside?”


I think he’s got the “tuff-stuff” down pat!



Bella & Beau 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Sad

Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Region, USA

June 27, 2019

Bella & Beau’s last update was such an upbeat post with the three chicks looking healthy and their nest receiving a surprise toy stuffed animal to complete their ‘nursery’.

Unfortunately, things have taken a few turns.

I know Bella’s different loud calls.  I can crack my slider balcony door just a bit when I’m intent on listening, and bop out on cue.

After the last post, I was home all the next day and able to watch Bella, Beau, and the nest, thinking how neat to post on what a full day with the Osprey family would be like.

And as usual, Bella woke us up calling for fish at sunrise that morning.  Shortly thereafter, Beau must have delivered a fish, as Bella quit calling; and she and the chicks were quiet and content until about 9:00 a.m.  That’s when Bella started calling for Fish #2.

DSC_0630-1 61619

Bella crying for fish


After a while of Bella’s calling, I stepped out and tried to locate where Beau was perched but couldn’t find him, and Bella wasn’t giving me any signs of her seeing/looking at him while she called.

Bella called and called.

After five LONG hours of begging, I finally heard Bella’s cry that said Beau was incoming with a fish.  I stepped outside, and sure enough, he was flying towards the nest with a fish in his talons.

DSC_0688-2 61619

Beau enroute to the nest with a fish


From where I didn’t see, but a pair of intruding Osprey quickly appeared and Beau flew to the nearby water tower where he stayed perched with his fish.

DSC_0700-1 61619

Intruding Osprey harassing Beau with his fish for the nest


DSC_0644-1 61619

Bella watching the action while the chicks chirp for the food that Momma said was coming


Beau made it known loudly he wasn’t giving up his fish or perch.  Eventually the intruding Osprey departed the area; yet Beau refused for the next hour to bring the fish to the nest, no matter how loud Bella cried and stared at him.

DSC_0725-1 61619

The three chicks are hungry


Beau did not deliver that fish.  He stayed on the water tower, and the fish soon disappeared.  I guess he ate it.

DSC_0716-1 61619

Bella is not happy


It’s now 3:26 pm, with almost another hour having passed.  Bella suddenly took flight from the nest and plunged herself into the creek and proceeded to take a bath.  She pulled up from the water and plunged three more times, once right in front of me.  I could see another chick’s poop mishap had doused her pretty good.  I’d want it off too!

DSC_0781-1 61619

Bella taking a refreshing, cleansing bath


DSC_0838-1 61619

A wet Bella returned to the nest and immediately resumed crying for fish.


I don’t know what Bella said with that last crying.  Suddenly, Beau left the tower, flew towards the nest, and actually started fishing the creek.  He dived quickly and caught one, circled around to head back to the nest, and, you’re not going to believe this, accidentally dropped the fish back into the creek.

Beau then flew to a sailboat mast and perched.  Looking at Bella, I gathered she couldn’t believe it.  She just sat and stared in Beau’s direction.


Beau perched after dropping fish                    Bella looks at Beau in disbelief of what just happened


Another three hours pass.  Beau had disappeared from my sight.  The chicks hadn’t eaten since shortly after sunrise.

Bella had had enough.  At 6:17 p.m., I caught a glimpse of Bella taking flight from the nest and watched her fly to the direction of the Choptank River.

DSC_0996-1 61619

Bella leaves the nest to go fishing while the chicks lay low


I still couldn’t find Beau perched anywhere, so I was a bit nervous.  Was he on nest-watch duty and I just couldn’t see him?  It was early evening.  Other raptors and owls are on the prowl for their next meal.

Bella was gone for six LONG minutes.  When I saw her coming, I was so relieved.  And happy!  I could see Bella had a large fish.

DSC_1017-2 61619

Bella lands with the day’s long overdue Fish #2 meal


The three chicks were unquestionably hungry.  They were pushing, trying to get in close position to Bella, chirping loudly “fish fish fish”.

DSC_1027-1 61619

The three chicks are pushing and shoving, trying to be the closest to Momma Bella and that long-awaited fish.


DSC_1034-1 61619

Bella begins feeding the chicks.
Notice the size difference of the three chicks.


The youngest chick usually hangs back and allows the two older chicks to be fed first.  It’s safer.  But this time he was just as hungry and didn’t wait.

Sibling rivalry can be detrimental when they are hungry.

The oldest chick roughly attacked the youngest several times into submission.  The middle chick wasn’t spared either; but it was the youngest that really took a beating that time.


Sibling rivalry over food


Eventually, the oldest chick was filled and fell back to rest.  Bella fed the other two chicks with what was left.

Beau, in the meantime, had flown from out of nowhere over to a sailboat mast and had watched over the feeding event.  He was probably close by all along, watching over the nest when Bella flew to the river for the fish.  For some unknown reason, Beau obviously had an ‘off’ day on his fish duty.  He needed to keep up the pace on fish.

So Bella got that last fish herself at 6:17 pm.  At 7:19 pm, Beau dove from the sailboat mast into the creek.  I didn’t see him try to go in flight as I rushed to grab my camera.  I found him swimming to the marina’s bank across the creek.

DSC_1185-1 61619

Beau swam to the marina creek’s edge with a huge fish and climbed up on the rocks.


DSC_1185-2 61619

Close-up of Beau resting with the huge fish.


DSC_1190-1 61619

Beau then began eating the head of the fish.


DSC_1221-1 61619

Beau kept sliding back into the water from the slippery rocks, so he climbed higher.
Suddenly, Beau stops, looks, and listens.  He and I both hear Bella calling him.


DSC_1222-1 61619

Beau slid back into the water  and tried to start taking flight.


DSC_1225-1 61619

Beau kept trying to lift off alongside the length of the dock.


DSC_1227-1 61619

Beau still trying to get up in the air with that huge fish.


DSC_1232-1 61619

A wet Beau makes it airborne……without the fish.


DSC_1233-1 61619

Beau flew past Bella and the nest and off into the distance.

DSC_1237-1 61619

Bella watched Beau the whole time, including him losing that fish and flying off into the distance.


The sun set.  There were no more fish deliveries that day.  It had turned into a bad day for Bella, Beau, and family.  It certainly wasn’t what I anticipated in sharing a day in the life of the Osprey.

Beau’s fish deliveries are better now, but something wasn’t right for a couple days.  I saw Bella fish a couple times herself in the creek for a quick, small fish for the nest.  I always saw her share it too with the chicks, even though I knew it wasn’t even enough nourishment for just her.

That long day was followed by a couple days of severe storms, high winds, and heavy downpours, causing some damage to the nest.

DSC_4855-1 61719

First storm approaching Bella and chicks – June 17, 2019


DSC_4858-1 61719

First storm was full of lightning and strong winds.


When the first violent thunderstorm’s downpour and strong winds hit us on the evening of June 17th, I was worried for Bella and the chicks.  I opened my door and took a couple quick shots of Bella and the nest.  That’s when I saw the toy stuffed animal was missing.  It was there before the storm slammed us.

DSC_1336-1 61719

Bella covering her three babies best she can as the torrential rains and winds hit.


The next morning I was very happy to see three chicks.  I searched the waters but didn’t find the toy.  It was cute in the nest while it lasted, wasn’t it?

(Side note:  I shared a few photos of Bella and her toy stuffed animal on Facebook at MD Birding and Friends of Blackwater NWR.  In addition to my blog ‘likes’ from all of you and over 200 views to date, the two Facebook posts also received 487 ‘likes’ and 163 shares to date.  WOW, Bella & Beau really had their moment of fame!  I had contacted our local WBOC news station to do a feel-good wildlife story and was disappointed I never even heard from them.)

So that first storm took our beloved toy away.  A couple more days of the same type of storms passed through.

DSC_4892-1 62019

Another evening, another storm with heavy rains and winds.


And the next morning after each, I would check and be happy to find Bella and the three chicks ready for another meal.

DSC_1428-1 62019

June 20, 2019 – Bella’s head buried in preening and her three chicks


The morning of June 21st, we left for a last minute, three-day getaway.  The storms had finally passed and it was to be a nice, although a high-wind weekend, with 20+ mph winds expected most of Saturday.  I took a photo of the three chicks, not the greatest, but for my records, while we hustled out the door.  (They don’t cooperate when you want them too!)

DSC_1445-1 62119

June 21, 2019 – Bella and her three chicks


We returned the afternoon of June 23rd.  I checked on Bella and the nest.  I checked it again….and again….and again, up until sunset.  I was only seeing just two chicks each time.

The next day confirmed what I feared.  One chick was missing.  Whether it was blown off, or knocked off by sibling rivalry, or severely injured in a sibling attack, or not being able to get enough to eat, would be some of my guesses.  It is sad to accept, but accept we must.

The good news is it seems Beau is back on track delivering fish.  And Bella still doesn’t give Beau any slack in her demanding.

The two remaining chicks look healthy and are growing like weeds.

There is a noticeable difference in size and pin feather growth between the two.  Enough that makes me think Chick #2 was lost.

DSC_1510-1 62319

Youngest chick chirping for food but still hanging back while the oldest chick is fed.


DSC_1636-1 62519

Here’s a great profile of the two chicks showing their crops full after being fed.


DSC_1638-1 62519

Another profile shot with those full crops.


DSC_1678-1 62519

The youngest chick finally getting his feeding after the oldest collapses full.


DSC_1679-1 62519

Another sweet shot!


DSC_1700-1 62619

The oldest is being fed again while the youngest hangs back to watch and wait his turn.


DSC_1712-2 62619

The youngest getting braver on not waiting.


Hopefully, things will stay the course now for Bella, Beau, and their two remaining chicks.

That’ll end this update of mixed news.  I’ll leave you with some pretty sunset shots of Bella and Beau from the last couple days.

DSC_1682-1 62519

Bella at sunset


DSC_1692-1 62519

Beau and ‘his’ tower aglow with the same sunset.


DSC_4915-1 62619

Last night’s sunset had a unique bonus cloud.
Bella and her nest are on the left over the creek’s glow.



Wildlife Comedy: Canada Goose

Capturing the beauty of wildlife is what we strive.

Sometimes a capture result can end up giving us a giggle.

Canada Geese are a good subject for that, whenever they get in their loud “honking” stance warning off others, they can look a bit comical, stretching that neck and waggling that tongue.

DSC_6116-1 52819

“She Is Mine!”


Silly goose!



American Robin: Proud Profile

The American Robin chicks have grown and should be flying now.  Their parents are still around, singing their songs and possibly preparing for a “Round 2” brood.

One favorite perch is a sailboat mast directly out in front of my balcony.  We’re almost at the same level, eye to eye.

DSC_9491-1 61019

“Singing Cheerfully”


DSC_9489-1 61019



You might see a few more of this handsome fella this season.  I think we’ve become buddies!



Bella & Beau 2019: Three Healthy Chicks and A Toy Story Delight

Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Region, USA

June 15, 2019

A week has passed and it appears that all three of Bella & Beau’s chicks are healthy and thriving.  Their growth has been amazing already!

June 6, 2019                                                      June 10, 2019


DSC_0569-2 61519

Hello World – June 15, 2019



Their beige downy feathers are all but gone and little pin feathers have begun to grow.  The oldest two are beginning to sport the golden color at the back of their head already.

I did fret a bit with the heavy rains and strong, cool winds that overtook our area several times.  Bella did her best to cover all three chicks to keep them warm and as dry as possible.

Not good conditions for three newborn chicks trying to stay warm and dry


And with their flourishing growth, Bella has done an excellent job to date!

Before I get on with the past week’s photos, I’ve got a toy story to share first.

Toy story?

I wish, I wish, I WISH I had seen this new nesting material addition being delivered!  It was not present April 11th, and I was out of town all of the 12th til late night.  Early morning April 13th I saw something odd on the nest alongside Bella.

DSC_9419-1 61319

My first notice of an odd object in the nest
(Bella had just returned from a bath)


I couldn’t make it out.  I could see something fluttering and thought, geez no, not another plastic bag.

Early the next morning checking out the nest with my binoculars, Bella was renovating, and I noticed the odd thing had been moved.

DSC_9584-1 61419

What is that thing?


Forty minutes later, I checked on the nest; and the object had been moved again.

DSC_9617-1 61419



And then literally, after retrieving a cup of coffee, it was moved again!  I couldn’t believe I was missing Bella moving it around.

DSC_9644-1 61419



A child’s toy stuffed animal!  Oh my goodness!!  Here’s a grainy cropped shot.

DSC_9644-2 61419

Kitty Cat or Teddy Bear, maybe?


And that is where the toy stuffed animal is resting now.  No more movements, thank goodness.  Here’s more shots from yesterday and today.

DSC_9873-1 61419

Bella from ground level


DSC_9873-3 61419

Hello World from way up here!


DSC_9879-2 61419

Beautiful Bella


I first thought it was a “Hello Kitty” brand toy, but it’s not.  I do think it’s either a kitty cat or a teddy bear.  Any other ideas or does anyone recognize (or are missing!) this toy stuffed animal?

I was quite excited to share this, although it’ll now be a worry that the chicks will peck at it later.  We’ll wait until we come to that bridge.  It’s possible it may not stay in the nest for long and fall out.

Okay, now let’s continue with Bella & Beau’s week.  You’re privy now on why you’re seeing an odd nest object in the last few days’ photos.  J

Fish is on the menu!  Three hungry chicks plus Bella means one busy, busy Beau.

Bella crying for Beau’s attention – “We need fish!”


Beau is doing his best I guess, but I do feel for Bella crying, sometimes for an hour or more.  Keep at it, Beau, you can do this!


DSC_9624-2 61419

Beau enroute to the nest with a fish right over me!


Fish means eating time.  Line up everyone!

DSC_9303-1 61119

DSC_0352-1 61519

DSC_0360-1 61519

DSC_0365-1 61519

Bella’s thinking, “What have Beau & I done?!!”


With Beau having the busy chore of constant fishing, Bella has ramped up helping to retrieve nesting materials and renovating.  The only concern, she is sometimes leaving the nest for 1-5 minutes when Beau is not there, which leaves the exposed chicks to aerial predators.


I am constantly witnessing an Osprey intruder trying to land on the nest, at times when just Bella is there, other times when both Bella & Beau are present.  It does not look like an attack, just a visit so-to-speak.  Of course, Bella & Beau will not allow a landing.

Bella vs. Osprey Intruder


I wish I had photos, but I actually witnessed Bella attacking a Great Blue Heron who was just flying down the creek and got a little too close to the nest while in flight.  Bella was off the nest in a flash, hit the Great Blue Heron with her talons, and they both went into the water.  Both recovered quickly and took flight, Bella back to the nest, and the Great Blue Heron flying away, squawking his unpleasantries!

Then, of course, the Double-breasted Cormorants still drive Bella & Beau batty.

Bella vs. Cormorant


Back to the chicks!  All three have already learned a bit about Osprey life.  They know they are required to poop over the top edge of the nest.  That’s still a work in progress at times.

Poop Mishap


Sibling rivalry has already begun too.

Kid fight!


The three chicks are very curious about their world outside those sticks now.  They walk around, using their wings to help navigate their huge feet around the nesting cup, peering up and over Mom Bella’s border wall that she continues to try to raise to keep them within.

DSC_9701-1 61419

“Hmmmm….Wonder what that is up there?”


DSC_9692-1 61419

“Whoa, it’s a long ways down there!”


DSC_0569-1 61519

Bella asks, “Okay, who messed on me?”
“Not me!” all three chicks said innocently.


DSC_0153-2 61519

One chick is already flapping and stretching its little wings


Finally, a couple flight shots of Bella & Beau….

DSC_0326-1 61519 M

Beau in flight


DSC_0328-1 61519 M

Beau in flight


DSC_9895-1 61519 F

Bella in flight


And two sunsets from this past week that calmed down some of the weather and Osprey excitement…..

DSC_4564-1 61119

All is quiet at sunset – June 11, 2019


DSC_4813-1 61519

All is quiet at sunset – June 15, 2019


What an amazing week!!   😊



Canada Geese Mating

Making a lot of splashing noise, I started watching and photographing a pair of Canada Geese.

_DSC0176-1 22419

Canada Geese splashing


The splashing was a sign of mating.

And, sure enough, there was a heated moment.

_DSC0195-1 22419

Canada Geese mating


_DSC0200-1 22419

Canada Geese mating


And just as quick, it was over.

_DSC0202-1 22419

“Happy Ending”


Canada Geese mate for life and remain together year-round.  What a beautiful commitment!



Blue Dasher & Muskrat Combo

While hanging around the boat docks with the Barn Swallows, I’ve also been trying my luck at the numerous dragonflies and damselflies that hunt the embankment.

Kudos to all you excellent insect photographers, these are not easy!  Quite frankly, after a ton of takes over several days, I scored only two shots of the Blue Dasher dragonfly.

DSC_6485-1 52919

Blue Dasher “Smiling”


DSC_6512-1 52919

Blue Dasher


They were shot with a 70-200mm telephoto lens and 1.7 teleconverter combo from about 4-5 feet.  I need to go back and work on these some more.

My “unusual combo” title also mentioned a Muskrat.

Yep, I had one come out from under the dock I was standing on while taking these dragonfly shots; it crossed the creek to swim alongside the bulkhead on the other side.

For over a month now, I’ve watched a muskrat going back and forth along the creek.  I’ve finally gotten some great shots of him/her up close, with this one displaying a beautiful water-play of reflections.

DSC_6364-1 52919.jpg



“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you.”
— Frank Lloyd Wright



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