Oliver & Olivia – August 2010

Here are August’s photos of our osprey family.  Early on, there became less and less activity at the nest as both chicks stayed away for longer periods of time, exploring their region and mastering flight.  Dad Oliver continued to supply fish to insure the chicks were fed, but his deliveries became less infrequent as the chicks also learned to fish on their own.  Mom Olivia successfully accomplished her responsibility of nurturing and protecting her babies until they fledged; and she departed our area by the middle of the month for her 3,000+ mile migration to South America.  It then became Ollie’s responsibility to keep an eye on their chicks until their instinct to migrate kicked in.  Again, there are some sequence photos of some of their activity.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Oliver & Olivia – August 2010

  1. wounderfull phots I enjoyed them very much, you must be a professional to take such good pictures
    excellent excellent

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