Another Osprey Sighting – Updated!

There was another osprey sighted in our area this past Sunday!  I spotted this one resting about 8:30 a.m. in a tree over at CBEC.  At such a distance and being perched in the shade from the rising sun, my enlarged shots are not that great but you can see him!  I watched him for a half hour with binoculars when he then flew over to Marshy Creek and dove twice, being successful the second time.  He then flew away in the distance with his dinner.  I haven’t seen him since.  I could not tell if this is the same one from my November 6th sighting, he never flew over close enough for me to get a look at his tail to see if he was missing a couple of feathers.  Nor could I get a close enough look to see if it was an adult or juvenile osprey.  Here are three photos.

Hopefully this one gets his inner gps jump-started real soon to make it to the tropics!

UPDATE!  I posted the above last nightWhile doing my morning binocular scanning around the area about 8:00 a.m., I spotted an osprey again perched over at CBEC in a different tree.  I imagine he’s probably the same osprey from Sunday.  Figuring I could keep checking back on him, 15 minutes later he was gone and no where in my sight.  Can’t count on nature working around our schedules!  LOL  Just now I checked again and there’s an eagle perched about 50-60 feet to the left of the osprey’s perch.   Here’s my not-so-great photos from this morning, at least the morning’s sun brighten them!

Still couldn’t make out if this is an adult or juvenile.  Now if only he/she would spend some time on our osprey nest WHILE I’m here and watching…..  Wishful thinking though I would be in photo heaven taking shots while enjoying this late-season osprey!

Enjoy your day!

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