Memorial Day Weekend

Although the weather was warm, I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  I was able to capture some photos of our little osprey chicks today that show how much bigger and stronger they are in just a few more days.  They are able to move around more easily within the nest and are also very interested in being up and looking over the side.

Dad Oliver has been keeping up his duties of restrengthening the nest with more sticks along with a steady supply of fish.

Mom Olivia is very patient as she feeds her babies, actually taking turns to make sure each are getting enough to eat.  Once they’ve had enough, the chicks usually settle down for a nap.

The wings of the chicks are rapidly growing in size as they learn to stretch and move them around.  I noticed some beginnings of wing-flapping by the oldest one.  It’s hard to believe that those wings will be full grown and ready for flight in another 4-5 weeks!

A couple of final photos, the first is of Olivia in flight today.  You will notice she has had some feather damage.  I reviewed photos from just a few days ago and her right wing-span did not have the missing feathers.  Not sure what happened, if she tangled with an intruder or some other misfortune.  Hopefully, she’s okay and on the mend.

And these little guys were visiting close to the base of the osprey nest and were just too colorful in the late afternoon sun to not photograph.  🙂

Thanks for visiting, and have a safe week!

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