Oliver and Olivia at Rest

A quick update since so late, I wanted to report I sighted Oliver and Olivia on Lippincott’s channel marker before day-break again this morning which made my drive a little nicer.  🙂  I wasn’t able to get out of the office and home until 6:00pm and was disappointed that I didn’t see or hear an osprey when I arrived.  I kept a look-out and finally at 7:30pm I found them both sitting back on the channel marker.  🙂

Oliver and Olivia on Lippincott's channel marker - March 15, 2012

West horizon clouds shortened our sunshine so my lighting was decreasing by the minute and I really didn’t get any better shots to post more.  But I did watch them for a little bit, as they preened their feathers or just sat together looking around and at each other.  Some rest and cleaning is most in order so they can begin their home repair.  Maybe they chit-chatted on the upcoming renovation!  🙂

I want to extend an invitation to the Oyster Cove community that it would be wonderful to hear from you if you’d like to report some action or you’ve taken a photograph of our osprey this season that you’d like to share.  I’d be glad to post your info and/or photo with credits to you of course!  Let me know by email.

I’m sorry such a short post this evening, but I wanted to give an update and post a photo of Oliver and Olivia from today.  Aren’t they sweet?!!

Until next post, take care and thanks for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Oliver and Olivia at Rest

  1. LOVE!! I would so like to see one, I have never seen one but they are around here! I will just have to live vicariously through you Donna! Thank you!

      • and i totaly understand, i have birds kids of my own as you know. we spoted our eagles a couple of weeks ago, one in the nest and the other flying over top of it. need to get our boat out soon so i can get closer to them.. ; )

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