Very Inspiring Blogger Award

What a busy busy past several days with work!  But I’ve not stopped taking photos and have a few hundred that I haven’t looked at yet……Geez Donna, you say!  But there’s just been so much activity right before me, both air and ground, with eagles, osprey, comorants, coots, mallards, vultures, robins, blue herons, gulls, my returning grebe, and more.  I’m sure out of the many flight shots I took, most will be out of focus as I tried to lock in on them as they cruised on by; but I’m hoping there will be a few awesome focused shots in the bunch.  I hope in another day or two to be posting some selections to share.  Please stay tuned for that….

This post is a special one for me!  I’m honored to announce I’ve been nominated to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by my friend bloggers MDPhotographers.  They are a couple of cool guys from Maryland who capture and share a variety of beauty through their lens with striking composition and style.  Please stop over and check them out.  And thank you guys for this award!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness and am very pleased that you enjoy my site!

In order to accept this Award, in addition to thanking my nominator(s), I am required to share seven things about myself.  So here ya go!

1.  I am a first-time grandmother to Benjamin who will be 10 months old this week.  He is my sweetheart!

2.  I am also happily married, and have a son & daughter-in-law, and a daughter & future son-in-law (wedding in November).

3.  I love to go fast!  (cars & boats)

4.  I also love to go slow! (biking, hiking & photographing)

5.  My all-time favorite musical artists are Bon Jovi, followed by Aerosmith & Prince; and now I’ll throw in a “180” & add Jimmy Buffet.

6.  My husband and I are serious boaters, meaning we go boating whenever we seriously possibly can.

7.  My favorite meal is cracking & eating a spread of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and washing them down with a cold one on ice.  Delicious!!

I am also required and pleased to pass on this award to seven nominees of my choice.  I thoroughly enjoy many bloggers’ sites who inspire me with their words and photos, along with a guaranteed smile and/or chuckle, so narrowing to seven is hard!  Since there are a few that have already received this award, I’ve not included them in my nominee list…  So here are my nominees, in no particular order.

1.  Some Little Crum Creek

2.  Quiet Solo Pursuits

3.  Texas Tweeties by Bob

4.  Thoughts From The Road

5.  From Moments to Memories

6.  Joleen’s Photos Blob

7.  Palm Beach County Naturally

Congrats my blogger friends!  When you’ve got a moment, give their blog a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time, thank you everyone for another visit to my blog, I truly appreciate you!

13 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Congrats! I enjoyed your choice of things to share. It’s wonderful that you have a baby grandchild in your life, and great that you and your husband are both avid boaters. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I know your blog has inspired me, and your photography is gorgeous, looking forward to exploring your suggestions for blogs.

  3. Congrats! And thanks for the nomination, I look forward to seeing tons of bird pics in the coming months..:-))))))

  4. You deserve it! Your blog is one of my 12 Top Sites on my laptop. Others come and go, but yours is always there. 🙂 Great photos and great commentary. It makes me enjoy and appreciate the Mother Nature all around me.

  5. Congratulations, Donna. I really enjoy reading your post. I am envious of your surroundings, all the sea going birds and raptors. I appreciate your nominating me for the award also. 🙂

  6. Well, Donna, few blogs so consistently inspire me like yours, so congratulations! I’m always looking forward to more.

    And thanks for the honor of listing Some Little Crum Creek among these other great blogs!

  7. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your wonderful kind words, all of you keep inspiring me to try and inspire you! 🙂

    You have all become great friends, thanks for your following. I am honored.

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