An Oyster Cove Osprey Update

I’m very happy to see so many osprey in the skies when I’m out and about!  Of course, it’s not so easy to snap a shot while cruisin’ down the road; but I’ve had many opportunities to watch them from my balcony.  Here’s some of my captures from the last couple weeks.

First, I’ll start with photos from yesterday and this morning of our nest platform.  There’s nothing left of Oliver and Olivia’s beautiful nest from last year!   😦  (To update new readers, our osprey pair, Oliver and Olivia, did not come back this year, after several years of raising young on our platform.)

Oyster Cove’s ssprey nest platform – May 10, 2012

Osprey visiting Oyster Cove’s nest platform – May 11, 2012

Although we’ve still not acquired a new pair of osprey for this season, the platform is still enticing to the area  osprey to perch on it, and fight over it as if it were theirs.  Here’s some of their photos.  I’ve get them in order of date taken so you’ll see the nest as it disappears.

Now on to some action photos, showing how beautiful an osprey is in flight!  🙂

Although our community sadly misses our osprey pair, we are still very lucky to have many area osprey to keep us entertained!

Finally, this morning just minutes before sunrise, I took a few photos of the moon, when it appears extra bright before it fades quickly with the sun’s rising.  I’ve photographed the moon when weather permitted over the last few weeks (although I missed out on the ‘super’ moon due to clouds); but this morning’s was superb, so I gotta share it!

Moon – May 11, 2012 @ 6:06 a.m.

Soon if not already, our area ospreys’ eggs that have been laid for this season should be hatching tiny little chicks, who are hungry and will grow at an unbelievable rate.   I hope to get back on the water to get up close to some of the nests to capture some baby shots.  So osprey lovers, stay tuned!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it!

30 thoughts on “An Oyster Cove Osprey Update

  1. Looking at the nesting platform answers the question of whether to clean the platform off or not, doesn’t it. Who knew that ospreys recycled old nests?

    Excellent photos as always, I love them all. I do have a question though, have you identified any of the osprey pairs as Oliver and Olivia?

    • I know, every few days I noticed more and more sticks missing, and I thought, great! You know the base of that nest had to be a bit nasty. Re whether O&O are around, no I haven’t been able to identify, I’ve planned on running through my latest to do some comparisons to O&O photos soon as I have a chance. Thanks for great question & comments, Jerry! I’ll mention my findings in an upcoming post. 🙂

  2. That is a superb shot of the moon!

    😦 about O&O’s nest but I’m hoping they’ve just moved on to a different neighborhood.

    How long does it take for the chicks to hatch? Every weekend, I drive past the osprey nests I’m monitoring; I don’t know if they are on eggs or if nothing is happening.

    • Thanks Neita, I got lucky on the moon, I was tickled when I saw it later on my computer! Osprey chicks hatch in approximately 4-5 weeks. In our area, eggs are laid by the end of April (our nest they were laid by mid-April), so for those you’re monitoring, look closely (do you have binoculars) for an osprey permanently sitting down inside the nest, maybe you can only see his/her head. Another good sighting is to see an osprey arrive and the mate come up and out of the nest to leave while the arriving osprey nestles down onto the eggs, I call it ‘changing of the guard’ 🙂 Very rare for the osprey to leave the eggs unattended. Also, if the nest is still being added to & continues to grow in size, that’s another good sign momma’s down inside on egg-duty and dad is strengthening it for the heavy load it’ll be experiencing from the fast-growing chicks. Once there’s hatching(s), fish deliveries to the nest by the male become more frequent as well, almost a ‘drop & go’ to hunt for more. Hope that info helps, looking forward to reading your findings!

  3. Just LOVE all your pictures, and your passion for capturing nature is a real art!! I am sad for you as well that O&O have not taken the same spot this year. So many questions come up as to why not? I am sure they are around somewhere and when you least expect it you will see them again, so have your camera ready for the joyous event!! Too bad you couldn’t put up a nest and put the same blue trash piece on it to mark the territory for O&O. I would love to see them have another family right there again!!

    • Thanks Linda for your sweet compliments! You made me smile on mentioning marking the platform with a piece of blue trash that for some funny reason Oliver loved to incorporate into his architectural work every year. He did like being unique & different from the normal nesting materials. 🙂 Most definitely, when we can get out on the boat and I can check out the local nests (hoping tomorrow!), I am going to be looking for blue or lots of plastic, that’d be a great clue Oliver might be involved with the construction!

  4. Dear Donna, your photos are terrific, I’ve never photographed an Osprey!
    When I see your pictures I get a tinge of envy. keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Many thanks HJ! Time for you to plan a vacation to somewhere along the water where you can confirm there’s lots of osprey activity. You’ll get hooked on photographing them! 🙂

    • Thanks Terry, I love that our area osprey will fly close to people and boats, or stay perched on a channel marker when you go right past them, it’s the norm around here for them. Pretty wonderful for photographing them!

  5. Always great pictures, Donna! Wonderful moon shot! Take comfort that when a new pair of osprey do settle on the nest platform they may well be Olivia and Oliver’s chicks from years past. 🙂

  6. Donna, love your latest pictures of the osprey visitors. I so miss seeing Oliver and Olivia but thank you for keeping us updated. We live in such a beautiful environment.

    • Yes, not seeing them AND not hearing them, it is really different this season. I’m glad there’s several pairs around the area to keep us entertained! And I’ve found I’ve got more time to discover all of our other wildlife just in our little community. 🙂

  7. At least the platform is still getting some use, albeit not for the intended purpose! Really nice series of shots, and you in-flight technique is getting better and better! And the moon shot makes for a nice “chaser” for the post- love the detail you captured.

    • Yep, very glad something lands on the platform periodically! 🙂 Maybe I need to put a sign out to entice some nesters, Platform for Sale or Lease! 😉 Thanks so much Ken for your compliments.

  8. Amazing shots, especially love the one of the moon. Your posts never fail to inspire me, thanks for sharing! 🙂 ♥

  9. I really love your shot of the moon! In a way it stands out even more than a full moon does, or maybe that’s because most shots are of a full moon! I love your photos of birds.

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