Hello Friends!

So sorry to be AWOL, I cannot believe it’s been a month since I’ve blogged!   As we get closer and closer to our daughter’s wedding (November 10th) as well as other personal things going on in our lives, I’ve found myself having lesser time to take & edit photos or blogging…   😦   I miss it and you too!  AND big apologies too for not being able to stay caught up with those of you I follow on your blogs!  I will be back!

But know I am trying to keep tabs on the birds and creatures around me with my binoculars or naked eye, if not with my camera.  It is amazing how they keep me sane with all the stress that is going on.  When I am around home during daylight, I and our community are very lucky to still get to enjoy our gorgeous visiting Great Blue Heron who spends daily time around our osprey nest platform.  He’s still a bit skiddish of us humans but has definitely become quite use to anyone venturing past him along the walk-way….as long as you don’t leave it and head directly at him.  I find him many mornings well before daybreak standing on our osprey platform, so he’s definitely taken possession of that spot at that time as his territory.  And what a great spot he has to view the sunrise!  What a lucky dog….. or bird, I should say!  🙂

Our Great Blue Heron before daybreak, waiting to watch the sun rise.

A few photos of him follow.  He is always so photogenic with his funny poses!

Watching out over the water at base of the osprey nest platform.

“Fishing” for dinner!

My my my, what a long neck you have!

More “fishing”!

He thinks he’s hiding among the grasses…..NOT!

Late evening preening.

Along with a wing stretch.

“What’s that I see?!”

A long yawn after all that preening and stretching.

Off for the night, to return in the morning!

In addition to the Canada geese dotting our skies as they pass by in their migration south, the cormorants have been appearing along our berm for feedings along the bottom.

Pair of Cormorants

I didn’t witness very many Great Egrets in our area this summer, but captured this one as he took off.

Great Egret

Although our osprey have long departed, I’ve seen a few transient osprey from the north come through our area for some fishing and rest as they make their way south.  Yesterday when ramping off the main highway, one was perched on one of the Kent Narrows Rt 50 bridge lights enjoying a rather large fish while traffic whizzed by below him.  I tried to position myself for a photo but just couldn’t get close enough safely.  Darn!  He was a beauty!!

Finally a few photos not bird-related.  But I thought nice!

Sunrise 10/1/12

Sunrise 9/29/12

Moon 9/23/12

This captured my eye while walking along an old pier.

And finally, another reason I’ve been so busy.   🙂   My sweatheart and the apple of my eye, our grandson, Benjamin.  I try to see him as much as I can, at least one full day a week.  This next photo was taken during a long weekend he stayed with us.  He loves being by the water pulling his wagon or sitting along the berm watching the mallard ducks as they come to us hoping for some food.  We laugh and have a great time together!

Our grandson, Benjamin, along our walk-way.  Notice his ‘birds’ in his wagon?!  😉

I’m not sure when I can blog again, my schedule is so full with the final preparations of the wedding.  I hope to at least blog one or two more times before the ‘big day’.  It is quiet with our bird activity for now, but very soon the migratories will be coming in by the hundreds, and my photographing will kick up a bit with all the excitement.

Thank you for sticking by and keeping up with me, I appreciate each one of you!  Take care and make each day a wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “Hello Friends!

  1. Donna your pictures are always outstanding!! Loved Benjamin and his birds! Good luck with the wedding details and enjoy every minute. Sorry I have been AWOL as well. Your awesome pictures and observations always make me smile.

  2. So good to hear from you and see a few photos. You WILL live through your daughter’s wedding! It will be special and beautiful, no matter what. Hugs!

  3. Wonderful photographs dear Donna. I am glad to see you. My Best wishes for your daughter, enjoy the wedding. I would always look forward to see your amazing photographs. Thank you. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  4. Thank you everyone for your sweet and wonderful comments! I didn’t think I’d have time to blog again before the wedding, but Hurricane Sandy got me intrigued with a documentation of photos & blogging and did help keep me sane as she strengthened around us. Helped also to give Amanda and I time to update our ‘To Do’ list in these final days before the Big Day. It seems though we keep adding to it more than we take off! LOL 🙂 Thanks again for all your well wishes, Rick & I plan on having a grand time for sure!

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