Cedar Waxwings

A quick post (shhhhh, I’m at work!), as I cannot contain my excitement any longer and wait until I have more time to finish up my planned next post.  Arriving home couple nights ago as I was getting out of my car, I heard a sree singing in the tree to my right.  The sun was setting behind them through the buildings so it was hard to make out what species they were but I knew they were different to me, I’m thinking……”Cedar Waxwings?”  Took a couple cellphone photos for documentation just in case, then backed away and went inside to get my camera while scolding myself for neglecting to carry it with me that day!  I was sure they would be gone when I returned.

I got lucky!  Instead of coming back downstairs, I peaked over from our third floor front door balcony and saw they were still in the tree.  With my zoom lens I confirmed they were Cedar Waxwings.  WOOHOO!  There were eleven total.  They saw me and didn’t allow much time for a photo op before they flew away.  BUT I got them!  🙂  This is a new bird for me both sighting and photo and a specific one I’ve wanted to capture.  I have always been fascinated by the Cedar Waxwing’s sharp contrast in colors when viewing others photos.  They almost appear to have a 3D effect to me.

Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings

I can’t believe I sighted them, especially here in on our community.  I wish the lighting could have been better but I’m still thrilled to have gotten some shots.  I hope you like!  🙂

OK I’ve posted, so now I feel better…..now back to work!  😉   Have a great weekend everyone!   GO RAVENS!!!

19 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings

  1. Neat! I’ve only photographed them once before… feeding on bright red berries growing on Hawthorn trees that bordered one of Columbia’s village centers. I understand that you can attract them with a platform feeder and some fruit (e.g. apple slices) during the winter months… but I would check with your local wild bird supply store first.

    • Thanks Steve! I know the bright red berries had to add such color and contrast to your photos of them. The tree mine were perched in was next to a tree with red berries, and I was thinking how great a shot it’d been if they were in that tree instead! 🙂

  2. Very nice! These are beautiful birds and I appreciate you taking time during work to show us the photos. We won’t tell anyone!

  3. Love waxwings! got some nice shots in 2016 as close as 15ft, if you re-visit my site check out the portfolio ‘Autumn Birding’ on the HOME page. Regards Brian.

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