Rafting Up With The Canvasbacks

They arrived and then they were gone, but at least for a few days this past week our community had an opportunity to watch a large raft of Canvasbacks feeding and resting just out beyond our Oyster Cove Osprey nest platform in Marshy Creek.Β  With cloudy conditions the previous two days, it was good to come home late Thursday afternoon to partly sunny skies for better viewing.

Raft of male and female Canvasbacks

Raft of male and female Canvasbacks.


More incoming Canvasbacks while the sun popped back behind a cloud.


The shape of the raft was ever-changing.

_DSC0091-1 21215

The raft got larger and larger as more and more continued to arrive.


That’s a lot of ducks!

In the next two photos, I’ve shown how the Canvasbacks would group up….

Canvasbacks grouping up as a team.

Canvasbacks grouping up as a team.

and then dive to the bottom to stir up plant-life to gobble up when they resurfaced.


Canvasbacks are underwater stirring up plant-life.

I think they were hanging around for the evening’s sunset.Β  πŸ™‚

Sunset February 12, 2015

Sunset February 12, 2015

At sunrise, I found they had stayed the night, further up in Marshy Creek.


And then just like that, they began to take flight.


Canvasbacks departing the raft.

I quickly looked for an Eagle for a possible scare, but didn’t see one.Β  In seconds, all of the Canvasbacks were in the air and had turned, heading into the sunrise.


Departing into the sunrise

I guess it was time to move on!Β  Unfortunately they were not close enough for a close-up capture of their real beauty so here’s one I took in February 2014 along our community’s riprap.

Male Canvasback

Male Canvasback

A visitor every year, we should see more Canvasbacks around Marshy Creek before they begin their migration back North in the next months.

20 thoughts on “Rafting Up With The Canvasbacks

  1. I would love to see those large flocks of Canvasbacks in action! Thanks Donna for the nice pictures! πŸ™‚

  2. You’re so lucky to live so near the water that you can look out and see such sights! Also, the numbers of the canvasbacks are very impressive, we get a few through here in Michigan, but never large quantities as this.

    • I feel very lucky and truly blessed to live where we do. Marshy Creek has been freezing up last couple days and a small flock of canvasbacks returned this evening to a pool in the ice. Sweet! I froze my butt trying to get some photos, lol πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Donna for your beautiful photos and interesting comments. We enjoy following your posts and look forward to more as we search for Spring. Frozen waters are picturesque however I worry about the health and well-being of all the wildlife during these frigid days and nights.

    • The wildlife do have their struggles and Nature takes its course, but I agree we still do do our own worrying for them. Thanks Cil, so glad you enjoy seeing life around OC through my lens! πŸ™‚

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