My Five-Minute Bragging Rights…..

I mentioned couple posts back that I had just entered five framed/matted photos in the Kent Island Federation Of Arts 19th Annual Photography Show presently displayed in Stevensville, Maryland.  Award-winning photographer, Jay Fleming, was the judge.

<doing my two-step boogie>

I won three awards in Amateur!

Nature - 2nd place - Tundra Swan Squabble

Nature – 2nd place – “Tundra Swan Squabble”

People Plus - 2nd Place -

People Plus – 2nd Place – “Sunset Windsurfing”

Black & White/Sepia - 2nd Place -

Black & White/Sepia – 2nd Place – “Eastern Shore Heritage”

So how about that?!!  😉        I know I am thrilled!!!  🙂

I entered three photos in last year’s show but never got the chance to post with Mom being ill then.  I won one award last year, so I’ll share it now as well…..  🙂

Nature - 2nd Place -

Nature – 2nd Place – “Golden Silhouette”

Thank you for stopping by and let me brag a little, have a great day!  (see below)


Our Kent Island Photo Club decided to get involved with our recent Queen Anne’s County Fair photography contest for fun.  Oops, I did it again!  lol  🙂

Third Place - Landscape Black & White "Eastern Shore Heritage"

Third Place – Landscape Black & White
“Eastern Shore Heritage”

First Place - Animal Color "Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab"

First Place – Animal Color
“Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab”

First Place - Wildlife Color "Mute Swan"

First Place – Wildlife Color
“Mute Swan”

And finally, sharing my best win for last!

First Place AND Grand Champion Best in Show - Sky Watching Color "Sunset Over Kent Island"

First Place AND Grand Champion Best in Show – Sky Watching Color
“Sunset Over Kent Island”

I was flabbergasted and so so surprised!  There were so many awesome entries that I feel very humble with my winnings.  Boy, what a night!  And thank you for stopping by (again) to check my update.  🙂

41 thoughts on “My Five-Minute Bragging Rights…..

  1. Congratulations Donna! Those photos are of pure quality inspiration, I’m so happy that you were awarded prizes! Go girl! 🙂

    • Thank you very much, I tried this time to get out of my element with birds and was very much surprised on winning the other two! Yes, I love the Eastern Shore, there is so much to see and photograph here. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!! So thrilled for you. All these photos are beautiful and I can not imagine what could have been better. Brag on Donna! big hugs

  3. Another big hug for these additional wins. All amazing and worthy, for sure. Please keep adding to this bragging rights post whenever!! way to go! And thanks for posting

  4. Hey Donna … It’s Debbie again. I want to paint it again … maybe a different style. I got more compliments on my painting. Just want to make sure it is o.k. and of course I give you full photographer credit and send a picture of my painting over to you just like last time . Facebook: Deborah Rankin Matz – then look for “Artwork by Deborah Rankin Matz “

  5. I did see your beautiful post. You made me so proud. I am so appreciative. I would love for you to share that on my Facebook page. Deborah Rankin Matz . … I also want to paint the cooked blue crab photo with the old bay seasoning. I am actually have an idea for that photograph Would you send me the photograph of the cooked blue crab to my email So I can work from a better size photograph. Your photography is always safe with me. I respect your copyrights and your craft. My email is: : and of course I will send you a copy of my painting to you . Debbie

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