Forever in My Heart……And The Great Blue Heron

A few weeks ago it was a year since Mom’s passing, and yesterday was her birthday.  It’s been a struggle to carry on, and I miss her more than ever.  During a low time weeks ago, I randomly came across a poem on a blog I follow.  I felt I was meant to find it.  I read it often and wanted to share it with the hope it will comfort someone else as it has me.


Since starting my blog over four years ago, noticeably it lacked posts this past year.  Recapturing my birding and photography passion has been difficult.  I went through a recent medical emergency and have recovered, but it was a huge “wake-up call” for me to start taking better care of myself and look to a brighter future.  I vowed it was time to get back to the joy of life and happiness.  Yesterday was heartening….

Out on my balcony, checking out the already increasing numbers of migratory birds rafting in Marshy Creek with my binoculars, I spotted a Great Blue Heron coming in for a landing to my right at our riprap.  (Mom’s favorite bird on her birthday, how wonderful!)  I was hand-held camera-ready.  🙂

_DSC0082-1 121215

_DSC0083-1 121215

_DSC0085-1 121215

_DSC0086-1 121215

_DSC0087-1 121215

_DSC0090-1 121215

With a wingspan of 5-6 feet, that is a lot of bird coming in; but somehow they can still do it quite gracefully.

A few more random photos of other Great Blue Herons from the past week.  Our Opsrey nest platform is a favorite perch late in the day.

_DSC0138-1 12615

_DSC0080-1 121215

_DSC0081-1 121215

These next two were taken at separate sunsets, a Great Blue Heron heading home for the night.

_DSC0085-1 12415

_DSC0163-1 12515

I love trying to capture the Great Blue Heron in flight, to show those gorgeous wings.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed!

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