Mallard Ducks

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Being such a common year-round duck, we all probably see more Mallards than we think we need to, and so most times we ignore photographing them.  I’m guilty!  But on occasion especially in the early morning or late evening, you can’t ignore the male Mallard’s iridescent beauty.  An evening a few weeks ago, one was resting along our riprap.  The evening sun intensified his colors.  So, okay…..I had to take a photograph.  And I liked it!

_DSC0138-1 12515

The Mallard Duck is my 4 1/2 year old grandson’s favorite bird, most likely because every time he visits us, he and I must go to see and feed the ducks at the duck pond at a local restaurant, Fisherman’s Inn and Crab Deck.  We have been doing this together since he was two.  Here’s a few photos from one of our recent visits.  🙂

DSC_5763-1 92715

DSC_5777-1 92715

DSC_5785-1 92715

DSC_5762-1 92715

DSC_5787-1 92715

Benjamin and I think the Mallard Duck is always smiling.  Seems so!

DSC_5790-1 92715

Benjamin and I always have a fun time with the ducks.  The Mallard Duck is more important to me than I had originally thought.   🙂

25 thoughts on “Mallard Ducks

  1. I’ve often said that if mallards weren’t so common and so tame, that we’d appreciate just how beautiful they are a lot more. Wonderful photos of my favorite species of duck, for not only are they beautiful, they have so much personality as well, which you captured so well.

  2. Glad you and Benjamin have a favorite bird together. And what a beauty! Sometimes the “common” can be the most meaningful. Happy 2016. hugs

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