Crab-Eating Gull

In search of our Snowy Owl (who seems to have disappointingly disappeared) around the Kent Narrows, I spotted this juvenile Ring-billed Gull feasting on a female Chesapeake Bay blue crab on a dock at one of the local marinas.

_DSC0067-1 11216

_DSC0086-1 11216

_DSC0095-1 11216

_DSC0073-1 11216

At one point, I told the juvenile I was jealous that it was still eating crabs this late in the season.

So the generous gull made me an offer!

_DSC0101-1 11216

“Here, you want some?”

I declined with thanks for his offer AND the photo op,
but so wished that I really was home pickin’ at a pile of crabs!

DSC_3512-1 71013

 If you love seafood & have never had a Chesapeake Bay blue crab (they turn orange when cooked), crab cake or meal made with authentic Chesapeake Bay blue crab meat, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing!



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