Crab-Eating Gull

In search of our Snowy Owl (who seems to have disappointingly disappeared) around the Kent Narrows, I spotted this juvenile Ring-billed Gull feasting on a female Chesapeake Bay blue crab on a dock at one of the local marinas.

_DSC0067-1 11216

_DSC0086-1 11216

_DSC0095-1 11216

_DSC0073-1 11216

At one point, I told the juvenile I was jealous that it was still eating crabs this late in the season.

So the generous gull made me an offer!

_DSC0101-1 11216

“Here, you want some?”

I declined with thanks for his offer AND the photo op,
but so wished that I really was home pickin’ at a pile of crabs!

DSC_3512-1 71013

 If you love seafood & have never had a Chesapeake Bay blue crab (they turn orange when cooked), crab cake or meal made with authentic Chesapeake Bay blue crab meat, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing!



33 thoughts on “Crab-Eating Gull

  1. Looks like he had a good meal! As for me, believe it or not I care about them & think they have the ability to suffer, as do other crustaceans (lobster) & fish as well. I don’t eat crabs (or any seafood) anymore but when I did I wasn’t crazy about it & very picky about which parts I ate.

    • St Mary’s County is gorgeous; the Potomac & Patuxent Rivers are both awesome rivers to boat, we’ve boated the CBay & rivers for 25 years, trying crab cakes everywhere. If you recall Solomon’s Island, Stoney’s restaurant (3 locations) has the best on the Bay! It’s 1 1/2 hrs from us by car or boat, a great day trip destination. 🙂

  2. I was very disappointed. I thought from a quick glance at the title that I was going to see a crab eating a gull. Ah well, your great shots made up for it.

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