Visiting Gadwalls

(Sorry for the long absence, too much going on on top of me being a bit ‘under the weather…feeling much better now!)

The day before the blizzard a few weeks ago, we had a small flock of Gadwalls (dabbling ducks) arrive to safe harbor in our community cove through the storm that I posted on.  This flock has continued to come back to frequent our community cove in the mornings to feed.  Having only ever seen a lone pair around our riprap in prior winters, it has been an ongoing thrill to see them continue their visit around us this season.

_DSC0058-1 13016

_DSC0099-1 12416

_DSC0190-1 12416

These ducks migrate from Alaska, Canada, and the Great Plains to our region for the winter.

It was equally rewarding to capture the Gadwalls in flight!

_DSC0253-1 12416

_DSC0254-1 12416

_DSC0255-1 12416

_DSC0256-1 12416

_DSC0258-1 12416

And on a day here & there, they will return late afternoon to hang around to enjoy the sunset.

_DSC0376-1 12416

Gadwalls in silhouette

What a thrill indeed it is to have a migratory species feel safe to hang around for a while!



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