More Variety in My Vacation ‘Backyard’

I have left our premises to bird a few times, but it is not really necessary.  I continue to still find wonderful bird photo ops within our RV campground!

_DSC0013-1 21116

Great Egret and White Ibis

_DSC0109-1 21416

Savannah Sparrow

_DSC0216-1 21116

Mourning Dove

_DSC0267-1 2416


_DSC0297-1 21116

Gray Catbird

_DSC0098-1 21416

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (a new lifer for me)

_DSC0133-1 2316

Cattle Egret

_DSC0202-1 2716

Great Blue Heron

_DSC0219--1 header

Great Blue Heron

_DSC0025-1 21116

Great Egret

_DSC0025-1 21316

Yellow-rumped Warbler

_DSC0322-1 21116

Red-shouldered hawk (another lifer for me)

_DSC0170-5 21116

Tri-colored Heron (another new lifer for me)

_DSC0174-1 21116

Tri-colored heron

_DSC0176-2 21116

Tri-colored Heron

_DSC0281-1 2416

Red-bellied Woodpecker

_DSC0293-1 2416

Red-bellied Woodpecker

_DSC0228-1 2416.jpg

Ibis at sunset

_DSC0002-1 21416

Wood Stork

_DSC0014-1 21416

Wood Stork

Thanks for letting me share more of the fun I’m having with these memorable photo opportunities!  Florida is indeed a birder’s paradise!


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