More Variety in My Vacation ‘Backyard’

I have left our premises to bird a few times, but it is not really necessary.  I continue to still find wonderful bird photo ops within our RV campground!

_DSC0013-1 21116

Great Egret and White Ibis

_DSC0109-1 21416

Savannah Sparrow

_DSC0216-1 21116

Mourning Dove

_DSC0267-1 2416


_DSC0297-1 21116

Gray Catbird

_DSC0098-1 21416

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (a new lifer for me)

_DSC0133-1 2316

Cattle Egret

_DSC0202-1 2716

Great Blue Heron

_DSC0219--1 header

Great Blue Heron

_DSC0025-1 21116

Great Egret

_DSC0025-1 21316

Yellow-rumped Warbler

_DSC0322-1 21116

Red-shouldered hawk (another lifer for me)

_DSC0170-5 21116

Tri-colored Heron (another new lifer for me)

_DSC0174-1 21116

Tri-colored heron

_DSC0176-2 21116

Tri-colored Heron

_DSC0281-1 2416

Red-bellied Woodpecker

_DSC0293-1 2416

Red-bellied Woodpecker

_DSC0228-1 2416.jpg

Ibis at sunset

_DSC0002-1 21416

Wood Stork

_DSC0014-1 21416

Wood Stork

Thanks for letting me share more of the fun I’m having with these memorable photo opportunities!  Florida is indeed a birder’s paradise!


38 thoughts on “More Variety in My Vacation ‘Backyard’

    • Thanks Jerry, I’m loving the variety and newbies. Boy, I’ve been tracking our home’s weather so the sun and warm temps here has been wonderful, even though ‘locals’ say they are freezing! We’ve missed three small snow events, yeah! Sure hate to leave Florida and go back to that, lol.

  1. How cool Donna to get so many lifers in one place, and such beautiful photos also. In syncrony with you. we have just returned from Tasmania with several lifers also. It is always exciting to get our first glimpse:-) Thanks for sharing the excitement, I feel it in the spirit of your post.

    • Looking forward to your upcoming posts with the new lifers! I’m not too excited on having to leave real soon, it’s cold with snow showers at home, but I’m missing my home winter feathered friends as well as the grandsons. Such a tug at the heart! 🙂

      • Yes Donna, it is wonderful to explore new places but there is no place like home where we are loved and those we love surround us. Have a great time, and I, m looking forward to more of your wonderful posts:-)

  2. Wow! Which campground are you at and other than the birding opportunities, would you recommend it? My parents have an RV and I think they might love it there.

    • We are at Silver Palms RV Resort in Okeechobee. It is a beautiful, huge campground, they allow all types of RVs, there are sites for sale, but many rental sites available. There are daily activities planned, like cards, walks, billiards, music, pickleball, bible-study, poolside fun, etc.) I love the 16-acre Preserve on the premises, which RV sites surround, we didn’t luck out on one of those sites. We have ventured out to see the wildlife and Lake O, but there’s not much else to do in the area. No problem for me, but hubby’s a bit bored chasing birds now and we’ve ‘done’ the two flea markets. lol

  3. How thrilling to see so many new birds and check off a few “lifers”! Your lifers would be lifers for me too. The dove in that golden light is superb, as is the Ibis flying at sunset. Great series!

    • Thanks Deborah! It’s exciting to add a lifer, but this many so fast is by far the coolest! I’m having a blast. I think hubby’s had enough with the birds, though. lol 😉

      • I would be floating too for weeks! My He-Man would bored to tears after a few days so I know how you’re feeling. He rarely goes out with me so I go out shooting with a good friend of ours who is a birder and photographer.

        I think your husband has been quite patient for hanging with you this long! Mine wouldn’t have. 🙂

        • He’s cut me off, lol. But when we ride around, he’ll definitely stop for something if it’s an easy pull-off. I’m now going with cameras for a quick spin of the campground on the golf cart by myself and have ventured to a nature trail by myself. I understand and it’s doable! 🙂

          • LOL! That sounds like something He-Man would do. He doesn’t go out birding with me or join me on any other photography thing often. He hasn’t go the patience to wait for the light or the bird, and the time I spend in one spot waiting. 🙂

    • The warm weather is really awesome, especially since we missed three snow events since we left home. Getting all these lifers has been easy, almost feels like I’m cheating somehow. LOL

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