Taylor Creek Storm Water Treatment Center, Okeechobee, FL

(Taylor Creek Storm Water Management Center – Part 1 of 5)

Although I am still capturing birds daily within our campground, I also ventured 11 miles north to Taylor Creek Storm Water Treatment Center two separate days.  I’d have gone here every day if I could!!

I had researched possible birding sites before arriving here; and of all places to easily find this gem location, I found it on Trip Advisor.  Since then, I’ve found enough information to know that many of Florida’s Storm Water Treatment Centers offer a haven for oodles of birds.  Whether it’s a “safe” haven or not, I’ll discuss that next post.  😲

Taylor Creek’s SWTC offers approximately three miles of walking/biking trails throughout.  On my first visit, I meandered the top half of below’s map in the late afternoon for 2 1/2 hours.

DSC_6956-1 21716.jpg


The first day, I was greeted by a few curious cattle at the fence boundary in the parking lot…..

DSC_6792-1 21216

DSC_6784-1 21216

I couldn’t help but take a few photos of them.

Here are some photos of the map’s top area the first day.


It is a beautiful place and bird ops were galore.  I even picked up a few more new lifers.

Here’s a series of the variety from the first day….

_DSC0063-1 21216

White Ibis


_DSC0075-1 21216

White Ibis


_DSC0080-1 21216

White Ibis in flight


_DSC0385-1 21216

Green Heron


_DSC0395-1 21216

Green Heron


_DSC0185-1 21216

Mottled Ducks (another new lifer!)


_DSC0314-1 21216

Double-crested Cormorant


_DSC0314-2 21216

Double-crested Cormorant


_DSC0158-1 21216

Common Moorhen (another new lifer!)


_DSC0168-1 21216

Common Moorhen



_DSC0179-12 21216

Purple Gallinules (another new lifer!)


_DSC0048-1 21216

Wood Storks


_DSC0374-1 21216

Wood Stork


_DSC0251-1 21216

Savannah Sparrow (another new lifer!)


_DSC0260-1 21216

Savannah Sparrow


_DSC0284-1 21216

Juvenile Little Blue Heron (another new lifer!)


_DSC0043-1 21216

Great Egret

Wait until you see what else was living and eating at Taylor Creek Storm Water Management Center.  Scary!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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