“Steller” Birding Days Plus at Kaibab Lake

Excuse my absence, we took to the road after my last post and it has been sporadic internet coverage since.  It’s been almost impossible to post and read blogs; I had to give up, hoping our next destination’s coverage would be better.  It’s not and feels like landline.  Argh!  That hourglass!!  I’ll try to catch up on your blogs but excuse me if I’m not able to comment much.

So yes, we’ve relocated twice since my last post.  We left Williams, Arizona, for Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, and then moved on a week later to here in Bryce Canyon.  I’ll be ‘hoodoo’ sight-seeing these next few days!

Now a little catch-up back-tracking, back to Kaibab Lake just outside Williams where I enjoyed a some great birding and wildlife a few hours over several days.

It was always a pleasure to check up on the Osprey family.


_DSC0274-1 62916

Momma Osprey coming in for a landing


_DSC0042-1 7516.jpg

Momma Osprey and one of her chicks (I saw two total)

Hearing the telltale sound of tree drilling, I was always looking for Woodpeckers.  I finally sighted this Hairy Woodpecker.  He refused to come out of the shade.

_DSC0123-1 7116.jpg

Hairy Woodpecker


When I saw this second woodpecker, it appeared to be a Flicker, but the red markings were different than the Northern Flicker.  I was excited to discover later that it was a Gilded Flicker, a new “lifer” for me.

_DSC0073-3 7516.jpg

Gilded Flicker


_DSC0093-1 7516.jpg

Gilded Flicker

Another “lifer” for me is this Canyon Wren.  He flew from rock to rock, singing his little heart out.


_DSC0238-1 7516.jpg

Canyon Wren


_DSC0269-1 7516.jpg

Canyon Wren

I’ve captured Eastern Bluebirds back home on the East Coast, and I was hoping to add the Western Bluebird to my “lifer” list.  I did!


_DSC0003-1 7516.jpg

Western Bluebird

_DSC0465-1 62916.jpg

Western Bluebird

In abundance was a loud bird making it easy to find and follow, and I worked on photographing them each time I visited.   It was the Steller’s Jay (Rocky Mountain variety) and another “lifer” for me.

_DSC0218-1 62916.jpg

Steller’s Jay (Rocky Mountain variety)

There is also a Steller’s Jay (Pacific variety), the difference being the Rocky Mountain variety has the white ‘eyebrow’ where the Pacific variety does not.

_DSC0043-1 7116-2 7116.jpg

Steller’s Jay (Rocky Mountain variety)

I just love this next capture.  The wind was blowing, flaring the Steller’s Jay crown as he turned towards me.

_DSC0336-1 7516.jpg

Steller’s Jay (Rocky Mountain variety)

There was plenty of wildlife that meandered around during daylight.  The Rock Squirrels could keep you busy all day with their photogenic cuteness.

_DSC0136-1 7516.jpg

Rock Squirrel

There were also Prairie Dogs, Jack Rabbits, Mule Deer, and lizards who saw me before I saw them.

_DSC0148-1 7516.jpg

Jack Rabbit


_DSC0253-1 62916.jpg

Jack Rabbit


_DSC0337-1 62916.jpg


_DSC0011-1 62116.jpg


Mule Deer with a mouthful


_DSC0579-1 62916.jpg

Prairie Dog


_DSC0161-1 62916

Prairie Dog


_DSC0167-1 7516

Prairie Dog


It was a lot of fun birding and wildlife watching at Kaibab Lake.  And if you enjoy dry-camping in our National forests, the large paved campground sites there are awesome.  The wildlife increases dramatically at dusk I was told by some of the campers.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your visit and hope to catch up with your posts real soon!

(I’m a little apprehensive on whether this post gets “published” with the slow connection.  Fingers crossed!)


40 thoughts on ““Steller” Birding Days Plus at Kaibab Lake

  1. It worked and I loved every image! I’m so happy you were able to photograph so many new birds! What an exciting Summer it’s turning out to be for you!

    Keep posting, and don’t worry about responding to my blog posts. I know it’s tough to answer all the bloggers that follow you while you’re on the road. I am thrilled to see what wildlife you’re seeing. Be safe! Hope to see another post soon!

    • Thanks so much! With our love to be by water, I still miss Kaibab Lake and it’s birds! We are having so much fun so far, and I’m enjoying all the new wildlife we don’t see on the East Coast. πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful pics Donna. you guys are living the dream! I particularly liked Stella’s Jay. All beautifull pics Donna, your other animal shots were superb also:-)

    • We are having a ‘steller’ time! πŸ™‚ We are enjoying the new wildlife opportunities as well as seeing our gorgeous country. It’s been exhausting but awesome too!

  3. I love these photos! Hard to choose a favorite, I just love your western bluebird and wren versions and even the flicker, so similar to those I’ve seen on the east coast, but different. Rock squirrel, def a fave too! So glad you’re getting an Internet connection, even if it’s slow. I remember Bryce Canyon being one of my favorite stops along the way also. What a wonderful trip you’re taking us on, Donna! Thank you! πŸ’œ

    • Thanks so much Laura! Hope you’ve kept Maryland straight while we’ve been gone and also had a big, juicy crab for me! lol The internet has been a booger, but being unplugged for a while has been nice too. πŸ™‚ But that didn’t stop me from being on photo-taking overload. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Hien! That Steller’s Jay capture will be a favorite of mine for a long time! Sorry for my absence again and missing your blogs, I’ll be catching up with you soon!

  4. Oh My! I’m still laughing at your stellar capture of the Steller’s Jay πŸ™‚ Beautiful birds and a great variety of wildlife! Congrats on your handsome lifer, Donna!

  5. Steller indeed!! This is a handsome bird and I really like the wind blown look! So glad you have been able to add so many lifers to your list. That list HAS to be really long now!! Happy trails and free wifi! hugs

  6. Wow, great variety of photos!. I just love seeing the mammals as well as the birds. As for the internet downfalls, just enjoy it for a while.I think the one photo of the Stellar could be named the “punker” variety. I have been lucky to see a few House Wrens and it is nice to see a Canyon variety , with the differences. Congrats on the other lifers too, and as always , your Osprey shots are great. I am jlooking forward to the photos of Powell Lake and Bryce Canyon area, almost made it there bu it didn’t happen.Happy trails!

    • Thanks so much, Jane! That Steller Jay really did have a punk look, lol I’m hoping to get some time to keep on posting, Powell Lake and Bryce Canyon both were awesome! πŸ™‚

    • I spotted that Flicker two days in a row and could tell he was different than our Northern Flicker that I was accustomed too, so I stuck with him as long as I could in hopes if getting at least one great shot! πŸ™‚

  7. wow, Donna, fantastic photos. Each one is truly divine, but my two favorites are the first gilded flicker and the wind-tossled steller’s jay. I’m happy you’re having such a fine adventure.

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