Chasing the Weather….

Touring the West over the past three months seeing our country’s landscapes, wildlife, and cultures has been a magical and memorable journey to date.  On-the-go most days, whether to a national park, or cruising a scenic byway, or hiking a lake or mountain, or spending a day in a town or at an event, or just meeting new people, by the time we got back to our RV, most times I was too exhausted to flip open the laptop.  The slow internet access at times really didn’t help!

I should have known I’d have a hard time keeping up with my blog to share our journey. What was I thinking??

So to diminish being overwhelmed with all my photos (there are so many!), I thought I’d start by sharing a quick summary to date of where we’ve been and what we’ve seen.  I’ll do individual posts later on my favorites.

So……Since the beginning of June, we’ve been through:

15 states



5 National Parks

DSC_9249-1 7716

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


DSC_1039-1 71916

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


DSC_2014-1 72816

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming
(yes, that’s snow on the mountains in July!)



Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming



Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


4 National Monuments


DSC_7834-1 61116

El Morro National Monument, New Mexico


_DSC0161-1 61216

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, New Mexico


DSC_0529-1 71816

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah



Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona


As well as Lake Powell, Navajo Bridge, Horseshoe Bend, several dams & lakes, numerous National Forests and Memorials, every scenic byway we could cruise, numerous ‘famous’ towns (Sturgis, Deadwood, Cody, Jackson), couple rodeos, motocross pro-series (had never been to one before!), and even a concert to see comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias at the Montana State Fair.

_DSC0209-1 71416

Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah


_DSC0676-1 71416

Lake Powell Boat Tour through Navajo Canyon, Arizona


DSC_3938-1 82116

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota


DSC_4001-1 82116

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota


Oh, the places we’ve been!  At the altitudes we stayed, the weather just as great.  Temps never exceeding 80-85 degrees (except Lake Powell).  Even had to turn on the RV heat some mornings to take off the chill inside.  We felt for all our east coast family and friends suffering in the extreme heat and humidity.  But we didn’t miss it!

And then there’s the wildlife we’ve seen!  I’ve had an awesome time looking for and trying to capture a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.  I think I am more excited to share those photos than the landscapes and destinations.

So you can expect a bird post next!  🙂

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