Red-tailed Hawk in Flight

Riding through Cedar Swamp (just north of Bombay Hook NWR), a Red-tailed Hawk came out of nowhere and literally into the path of our truck, then flew up to a distant tree snag.  As my son-in-law maneuvered his truck angle, even at the distance, you could tell the hawk was already suspicious of us.  We quickly stopped; and as I shot out my window, the hawk took flight again and went over the marsh.

I fretted I didn’t get him in focus in time so was pleasantly surprised that a couple of my shots weren’t so bad.

_dsc0031-1-21417Red-tailed Hawk

The Red-tailed Hawk is probably the most common hawk in North America.


_dsc0034-1-21417Red-tailed Hawk

Goes to show, you just never know for sure on what you got until you get back to your computer to review them on the ‘big’ screen!   🙂


26 thoughts on “Red-tailed Hawk in Flight

  1. Beautiful! I love the colors of the wings and how they compare to the dead tree. My photo ‘project’ these days is capturing birds in flight, so I love looking at what other photographers are doing. On my Nikon D7200 I tend to leave the setting on Cl or Ch to be ready for flight shots. I am learning aperture mode (after using P mode for so long on my other camera) and am wondering what F stop you use, or what your ‘go to’ settings are for shots like this. From the tutorials I have been watching on my laptop it seems as though most photographers work in Aperture rather than Manual mode.

    • Thanks Susan, this might be my best shot yet of the RT in flight! 🙂 They are so darn skittish. I use Aperture Priority for my bird photos, and my best fun (and challenge!) is birds in flight or action.

  2. How exciting! Even though they are the most common seen hawk here it’s still really neat to get a good image of them, especially in flight. You did great! Wings up, and talons ready! 🙂

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