Northern Pintails

Thank you everyone for the congrats and well wishes on my last post, I am still on cloud nine!   🙂

Now back to birds!

Another one of my top favorite birds is the Northern Pintail.  I love the male’s gorgeous, distinct browns, black, and white contrasts, and that long tail.  I was super-excited when I saw a large number of them at my Bombay Hook NWR visit last month.  Many were off in the distance, but a few hung close to the shorelines along the wildlife drive.

_dsc0163-1-11317Male and Female Northern Pintail


I had no idea they could stretch their neck as much as this male did.  He stayed in this position for a while, keeping his eye on something off in the distance.  I imagine he was looking out for his gal and the other Pintails hiding in the grasses.



It was at this Bombay Hook visit that I photographed my best Northern Pintails in flight to date.  The skies were beautiful and this pair flew right past me.  I was able to stay with them and fire off eight shots, here’s two of them.




When I get captures like these, I can’t help but get giddy with delight!


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