Lots O’Ducks

During our recent visit to Ocean City, Maryland, we had a late lunch at BJ’s On The Water along the Isle of Wight Bay.  There’s a sign when you walk into the restaurant that says “daily duck feeding at 1:00 pm”.

We missed the time, and I wasn’t sure there’d be any ducks that cold day; but I still grabbed my camera just in case a few stragglers were still there.

I was not disappointed!  The majority consisted of American Black Ducks.

_DSC0340-1 22817

American Black Ducks and a pair of Canada Geese

The male American Black Ducks have yellow beaks, the females have olive-green beaks.

_DSC0311-1 22817

American Black Ducks (female is stretching her wings) and a lone Mallard


_DSC0312-1 22817


_DSC0381-1 22817

Mallard (male)


_DSC0364-1 22817

Canada Goose


As I took a few photographs, a smaller duck hanging further in the back caught my eye.  She finally come closer for some nice captures.


_DSC0344-1 22817

Female Redhead


_DSC0356-1 22817

Female Redhead

She was the only Redhead but seemed content with the group.  It was her sighting that made my lunch that much more delicious!




37 thoughts on “Lots O’Ducks

  1. Love your ducks Donna, your Black duck has the beautiful iridescent speculum on its wings similar to the Pacific Black Duck we have in abundance here. Love how you captured the droplet falling from the bill of the female Redhead, she looks similar to our female Hardhead. Lovely pics Donna!

  2. How wonderful to see so many different types of duck in one place! I got excited when Danny and Daisy sailed past the window a few minutes ago. I would be wild with joy to see what you have photographed so beautifully. 🙂

  3. Delightful photos, Donna, as always. We don’t have the American Black duck in the western U.S., so it was especially wonderful for me to have your clear photos to study. Nice of the restaurant people to feed them.

    • Thanks Jet! It was a cool experience. And yes, the restaurant people are pretty nice doing the daily feedings, of course, they advertise it for families to bring the little ones to see. 🙂

  4. Wow, so many ducks! Love the last two photos of the redhead. You can see the droplets of water on her. Nice close up shots.

  5. Marvelous shots of a bird I didn’t even know existed. Though I must say they don’t look very black to me! 😀
    Fantastic shooting!

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