Lots O’Ducks

During our recent visit to Ocean City, Maryland, we had a late lunch at BJ’s On The Water along the Isle of Wight Bay.  There’s a sign when you walk into the restaurant that says “daily duck feeding at 1:00 pm”.

We missed the time, and I wasn’t sure there’d be any ducks that cold day; but I still grabbed my camera just in case a few stragglers were still there.

I was not disappointed!  The majority consisted of American Black Ducks.

_DSC0340-1 22817

American Black Ducks and a pair of Canada Geese

The male American Black Ducks have yellow beaks, the females have olive-green beaks.

_DSC0311-1 22817

American Black Ducks (female is stretching her wings) and a lone Mallard


_DSC0312-1 22817


_DSC0381-1 22817

Mallard (male)


_DSC0364-1 22817

Canada Goose


As I took a few photographs, a smaller duck hanging further in the back caught my eye.  She finally come closer for some nice captures.


_DSC0344-1 22817

Female Redhead


_DSC0356-1 22817

Female Redhead

She was the only Redhead but seemed content with the group.  It was her sighting that made my lunch that much more delicious!




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