Canada Geese

A bird often complained about due to their aggressiveness, nuisance, and land damage is the Canada Goose.  I’ve always enjoyed their beauty and noise.  At sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay, hearing them ‘honk’ to each other as they awaken was a joy to me.

There is a small community pond near my daughter’s home in Delaware where I can park alongside and photograph them from my car.

Dropping from the sky, Canada Geese silhouettes can look a bit comical, feet dangling for landing and with the appearance of possible air-collisions about to happen.


DSC_6734-1 21217

DSC_6787-1 21217

DSC_6792-1 21217

_DSC0084-1 11217

DSC_6748-1 21217


By evening, the pond would be full of Canada Geese for a night’s rest.

Some close-ups from a brighter day…..


_DSC0071-1 11217

_DSC0078-1 11217

_DSC0036-1 11217

_DSC0053-1 11217


With Spring arriving, it appears these daily visitors have already moved on, perhaps migrating back north to their summer breeding grounds.


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