Carolina Wrens

While at Prime Hook NWR a few weeks ago, I stopped at a bench to rest and take in the beauty around me.  It didn’t take long to spot movement of a bird creeping up the trunk of a tree.

It was a Carolina Wren.


_DSC0125-1 11517


_DSC0128-1 11517


These birds love to creep low on tree trunks and through dense vegetation areas choked with tangled vines and bushes in search of insects and fruit.


_DSC0133-1 11517


The Carolina Wren is a year-round resident of the eastern half of the United States.

When a male and female bond, they will stay together for life.  I noticed a second Carolina Wren on a tree alongside the first one.  I wondered if I had found mates.


_DSC0147-1 11517


The second Carolina Wren moved down that tree and inside a broken-off branch.   He/she just sat there and did not move.  Maybe this was their home or shelter?


_DSC0148-1 11517


These little birds are very leery and quick to move/hide, so I felt lucky on resting at the right place at the right time and meeting up with this Carolina Wren pair.  🙂


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