Carolina Wrens

While at Prime Hook NWR a few weeks ago, I stopped at a bench to rest and take in the beauty around me.  It didn’t take long to spot movement of a bird creeping up the trunk of a tree.

It was a Carolina Wren.


_DSC0125-1 11517


_DSC0128-1 11517


These birds love to creep low on tree trunks and through dense vegetation areas choked with tangled vines and bushes in search of insects and fruit.


_DSC0133-1 11517


The Carolina Wren is a year-round resident of the eastern half of the United States.

When a male and female bond, they will stay together for life.  I noticed a second Carolina Wren on a tree alongside the first one.  I wondered if I had found mates.


_DSC0147-1 11517


The second Carolina Wren moved down that tree and inside a broken-off branch.   He/she just sat there and did not move.  Maybe this was their home or shelter?


_DSC0148-1 11517


These little birds are very leery and quick to move/hide, so I felt lucky on resting at the right place at the right time and meeting up with this Carolina Wren pair.  🙂


39 thoughts on “Carolina Wrens

  1. Marvelous shots, Donna! There’s something about these small, fast-moving little birds that is so very challenging to catch with a camera. Eric has far more patience for it than I do, but I do love to watch them… or enjoy his shots and yours! 😀

  2. I suspect that these a very small birds. They look a bit like what we call little grass birds.

  3. Wrens are always such a treat to come across, how fortunate for you, Donna. They don’t stay still, so your photos are really excellent looks at this beautiful bird. We don’t have the Carolina Wrens on the west coast, so this was especially nice for me, thank you.

  4. Lovely captures of your wren Donna 😊 This bird reminds me of the English wren, and how difficult it was to photograph as it moved so fast and would not stay still. You have done well to get such good photos. It is good to see that your able to get out birding again. 🦅

    • Thanks Ashley, I was very fortunate to have that bench in the right spot to actually get the chance to see them. Had I not taken a rest, I know I would have missed them. These and all the previous latest posts are from the same day of just a few hours at Prime Hook NWR. Still have one/two more posts from that visit. I have gotten out one other time to Bombay NWR nearby and am still going through those photos. 🙂

  5. Wonderful captures of these cute little birds. I would see them on the suet and outside the window frequently when we lived in South Jersey and now I miss seeing them. Feeding the birds is not a good idea here unless you only do it when the bears are hibernating. In the summer we have to bring our second level deck hummingbird feeders in at night. We caught a bear trying to climb up our pillar to get to one.

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