Double-crested Cormorant

Several days ago at Murrell’s Inlet fishing pier, I spotted this Double-crested Cormorant sunning….._DSC0050-1 11818

….and preening.




_DSC0048-1 11818

His beak was covered with feather down from the preening.  Can you see his gorgeous blue eye?  Interestingly, the inside of their mouth is also blue.

_DSC0050-2 11818

After photographing him, a gentleman approached me to ask what kind of bird he was, he had seen the bird here for three days, and it’s wing was injured.  The Cormorant never stretched so I couldn’t tell.  I told the gentleman this was a diving, swimming bird that fed on fish and hoped he was able to take care of & feed himself.

And so guess what?  I later worried a little bit about that young Cormorant too.

I returned yesterday and found the Cormorant still there, and this time he was diving & feeding in the high tide waters.  I felt a little better.

The Cormorant gave me a nice profile before another quick dive.  I didn’t stay with him, because I didn’t want to discourage his feeding.  My ‘new’ gentleman friend was also there walking the pier, and he was so excited to see the Cormorant fishing.

_DSC0206-1 12018

When I later came back pass the Cormorant, he was back up on his perch.  He stretched his wings to sun himself, and I saw the end half of his right wing was missing.  Poor fella.

I’ll be looking for him on my returns to the fishing pier.


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