Chattering Carolina Wrens

From the parking lot for a trail to a marsh boardwalk, I immediately heard a fierce chatter between a pair of Carolina Wrens.  Their squabble was occurring less than 15 feet from the trail, so I took a peak and shot a few photos while they seemed to be preoccupied with themselves.

_DSC0062-1 2518Carolina Wren (male)


The one above, which I presumed the male, was taking most of the heat and finally flew off with a huff while the other, presumably the female, up and flew to their nest within the same tree.

_DSC0070-1 2518Carolina Wren Nest


The female didn’t stay long in the nest, flying back out and onto a nearby branch.  Apparently, proud of herself, don’t you think?

_DSC0075-1 2518Carolina Wren (female)

Most likely, the female was demanding nesting material or food from the male.  What a treat to see this action between the Carolina Wren pair so easily in just a couple minutes.

Nature is wonderful!


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