Chattering Carolina Wrens

From the parking lot for a trail to a marsh boardwalk, I immediately heard a fierce chatter between a pair of Carolina Wrens.  Their squabble was occurring less than 15 feet from the trail, so I took a peak and shot a few photos while they seemed to be preoccupied with themselves.

_DSC0062-1 2518Carolina Wren (male)


The one above, which I presumed the male, was taking most of the heat and finally flew off with a huff while the other, presumably the female, up and flew to their nest within the same tree.

_DSC0070-1 2518Carolina Wren Nest


The female didn’t stay long in the nest, flying back out and onto a nearby branch.  Apparently, proud of herself, don’t you think?

_DSC0075-1 2518Carolina Wren (female)

Most likely, the female was demanding nesting material or food from the male.  What a treat to see this action between the Carolina Wren pair so easily in just a couple minutes.

Nature is wonderful!


45 thoughts on “Chattering Carolina Wrens

  1. I think I love your Carolina Wrens, they quite different to our Fairy-wrens. You have showcased them beautifully Donna, so I get a good close up of them. I did not get any really clear pics of the English Wren in Britain as they kept moving all the time, but they do look similar though. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. That first photo is brilliant, very crisp and you can see so much detail of the bird’s feathers. Thanks for sharing these lovely little birds.

  3. Love the Wrens…..our Wren is not quite as colourful. That ruddy brown on the chest is more brown with a hint of grey. Nice to see all these subtle change to species across the continents 🙂

  4. …and so are your photos, Donna. I was lucky to see a (?lost) Carolina Wren in Colorado not long ago, and it was singing its beautiful song at full throttle, stopping me in my tracks. It was too far away for good photos, unlike you!

  5. Great shots, Donna – especially the first, of the male! We have a carolina wren that shows up at our feeder and on our patio under the feeder, but he is too quick for me to get a good shot. So I’ll just enjoy yours! Thanks for sharing!

  6. She sounds like a bossy little thing. Great catches once again. You never cease to amaze with your marvelous crisp captures of these busy little feathered friends.

  7. This is a delightful post! I love your thoughts about their chatter, and the images are lovely.
    They look very similar to the Bewick’s Wren that we have here. I’ll have to look them up to see what the differences are.

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