A Reflecting Grebe

I sighted a lone Pied-billed Grebe in the middle of glassy-calm marsh waters and made my way down the pier to get closer to this small, diving water bird.

_DSC0165-2 2618

Pied-billed Grebes are 11 – 15″ long and weigh 9 – 20 oz.  That puts them in size comparison between a Crow and a Robin.

Pied-billed Grebe males and females look basically alike; but alongside each other, the male is usually bigger with a thicker bill.

_DSC0206-1 2618

This is just two of the couple dozen photos I was able to take.  The still water and lighting conditions couldn’t have been more perfect.

Adorable little cutie, isn’t he/she?!!


43 thoughts on “A Reflecting Grebe

  1. Lovely pictures, Donna! I liked your comment about this being two of a couple of dozen pictures. I am going through and weeding out photos from our birding trip to Florida last week and after weaning the folder down from 700+ photos to just under 500, tonight I have weeded out another 113. It is so hard to pick just the two or three from a series of, as you say, a couple of dozen. Sometimes it might be better just to throw a dart at the collection, but isn’t it fun when you get such a cute bird and such perfect weather conditions! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Susan, it is fun and exciting! I seemed to have the ‘too many’ problem a lot, lol. Lots of deletes unless you get the ‘eye light’, then it’s which ones are the best focused, which is best angle, which background is best, and on and on! And then add reflections which are tricky, with any water movement and it distorts. Sometimes it’s a madness and my head spins! 😆 And so we continue on with our awesome hobby!! I’m looking forward to your photos from Florida.

  2. Lovely reflective shot Donna. Grebes are often found alone in the middle of lakes and only come together to breed. This one looks different to our Aussie grebe and is not found in Aus. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks Ashley! It’s breeding season here. A month ago I had seen three of these Grebes at this same location, looks like two of them hooked up and took off for a more private area! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. I usually see one grebe on its own in the local lake, I always think the poor bird looks lonely, but apparently they are solitary birds unless it’s breeding time. I guess it’s the same for grebes everywhere. Perfect mirror reflections in your photos Donna, great work!

    • Thank you Sue, it was exciting with the still waters, always hoping no movement so no undesirable distortions. 🙂 Grebes are are solitary here until breeding season as well. We’re in breeding season here and I had seen three of them a month ago in this same area. Guess two of them hooked up and found private waters. This one’s still searching with that cuteness! 🙂

  4. The reflections and images are lovely! How lucky he didn’t dive and pop up way far out of range. By the looks of it he was rather cooperative and liked swimming for you. 🙂 Hope he finds a mate and you see the courtship. Maybe chicks too down the road! Fingers crossed.

  5. I can’t help but wonder why it’s so difficult to find a favorite bird and stick with it. Seems as though I’m putting together a rather large and extensive collection of favorites! This little one is so cute and adorable it simply has to be added to the favorite list. Your exquisite images certainly help to see the beauty. Great job, Donna!

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