South Carolina Random Shots

Photographers love taking photos specific to their passion and style.  You know me, it’s birds and wildlife.  But like others, I do try to take different photos to expand my horizons and work on my skills.

Here are a few shots that I took in past few months from our balcony in South Carolina that I liked and thought I’d share….

_DSC0003-1 11018



DSC_7957-1 1418

Yes, that is snow on the beach!  (January 4, 2018)


_DSC0042-1 11618


_DSC0085-2 22218


DSC_8645-1 22518


DSC_8618-1 22518

Double Rainbows!


Throwing in this one taken from the boardwalk.

DSC_7999-1 1918


Oh heck, to add in a bird shot, here’s some Double-breasted Cormorants enjoying the fishing pier that was closed to the public due to damage.

_DSC0021-1 11618


Just fooling around with this last one…..I liked the lines and colors.

_DSC0027-1 11618

Thank you for taking your time to view these.  I’ll be back very soon with a new post on Bella & Beau!


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