South Carolina Random Shots

Photographers love taking photos specific to their passion and style.  You know me, it’s birds and wildlife.  But like others, I do try to take different photos to expand my horizons and work on my skills.

Here are a few shots that I took in past few months from our balcony in South Carolina that I liked and thought I’d share….

_DSC0003-1 11018



DSC_7957-1 1418

Yes, that is snow on the beach!  (January 4, 2018)


_DSC0042-1 11618


_DSC0085-2 22218


DSC_8645-1 22518


DSC_8618-1 22518

Double Rainbows!


Throwing in this one taken from the boardwalk.

DSC_7999-1 1918


Oh heck, to add in a bird shot, here’s some Double-breasted Cormorants enjoying the fishing pier that was closed to the public due to damage.

_DSC0021-1 11618


Just fooling around with this last one…..I liked the lines and colors.

_DSC0027-1 11618

Thank you for taking your time to view these.  I’ll be back very soon with a new post on Bella & Beau!


31 thoughts on “South Carolina Random Shots

  1. It must be wonderful to have such views from your balcony, they were wonderful! You must be near Charleston, if so, my brother may have been responsible for loading and/or unloading the military cargo planes in your photos.

  2. Wow Donna, how amazing to see snow on a beach, it seems impossible, but there it is! South Carolina looks like a place I would love to visit It looks some ways similar to some of our beaches.

    • Thanks Ashley, our intent was to escape the mid-Atlantic winter and bask in the sunny 60-70’s that is the usual for the South Carolina coastline. I think winter followed us! 😉

  3. Always a good thing to shake things up a bit. I was thinking that you had some odd looking birds in some of those shots and that was before I got to the cormorants.

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