Two More “Reds” at Blackwater NWR

(Photos taken at Blackwater NWR, Cambridge, Maryland)

One of my last posts I shared a male Summer Tanager, a gorgeous red bird I photographed at BNWR.

I also captured two more “reds” while at the refuge I wanted to share.

Red #1 – One beauty with distinctive contrasting colors of red, black, and white is the Red-headed Woodpecker.

_DSC0262-1 5718

Red-headed Woodpecker


Both males and females look alike.

_DSC0262-2 5718

Red-headed Woodpecker


How nice that he/she gave a look my way!

_DSC0277-1 5718

Red-headed Woodpecker


Red #2 – Slowly cruisin’ further along the wildlife drive taking photos, we came around a corner, and happened upon a Red Fox walking along the drive, several hundred feet ahead of us.

DSC_8990-1 5918

Red Fox


The Red Fox kept walking so we kept a safe distance and slowly followed.  To be honest, I don’t know if it was actually aware of us yet.

By now, the drive was crossing marshes on both sides.  Coming up to a sharp road curve to the right, the Red Fox came to a stop (as did we), turned, and looked left across the water.

The Red Fox never looked our way.  He has to know we’re sitting there a couple hundred feet away in our black SUV, doesn’t he?

DSC_9010-1 5918

“Wait, where am I? Something’s not right.  Did I make a wrong turn?”


Not taking his eyes off looking across the water, he turned and started heading back towards us.  I slipped back in the car and closed my door enough to not allow a noise, and we sat still while he walked right on past us and continued back down the drive where we had all just come from.

DSC_9021-1 5918

“Darn, now I gotta walk nonchalantly past this thing that was following me.
I just won’t look at it, and hopefully it will leave me alone.”


Before we had sighted the Red Fox, there was a side road to fields that connects to the wildlife drive, which is where he probably came from, accidentally turning right instead of left, and then finally realizing he was not where he thought or was supposed to be.

We enjoyed the encounter, especially me capturing these best shots to date of the gorgeous Red Fox.


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