Bald Eagle

Maryland’s Blackwater NWR has the largest concentration of breeding Bald Eagles on the East Coast, north of Florida.  During the winter, the population soars with transients.

Even though I see at least one Bald Eagle at almost every visit, I still feel lucky and get excited each time.

Most times they are flying high in the sky or perched too far off for great photos.  Just seeing Bald Eagles in their realm is rewarding.  And sometimes you get lucky with a close fly-by or find one a little closer to the wildlife drive for a photographic opportunity.


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Bald Eagle at Blackwater NWR


Just something so beautifully majestic about them makes the Bald Eagle one of my top favorite birds.



43 thoughts on “Bald Eagle

  1. I am glad that they are so plentiful again. It was touch and go for them for awhile. There is a family nesting across the river from me and I hear them every morning.

    • Me too. Oh, to see one of them soaring in one of your landscapes with the lakes and mountains would be breathtaking. Lucky you to hear them often, I know their call and get excited even just hearing them, lol.

  2. Great capture, but my admiration for this bird is overruled by their thieving ways. 😀 Still, they are rather majestic looking.

  3. I agree Donna, raptors are such majestic and regal birds, especially your bald eagle 🦅. It is such a blessing to come close to them. A full grown eagle is quite heavy when perched on your arm, it is surprising. It is an amazing experience to be 👁 eyeball to eyeball 👁 with one as I have several times. Enjoy the rest of the week 😊

    • Thanks Ashley, lucky you! I’ve never been close-up to an eagle but would love to. Geez, I’ve watched them in a tree and their stare down is a bit chilling. I’ve had to look away first, lol, and I was at a distance. I meant to post a size comparison chart of the eagle to man. People don’t realize how large an eagle really is! Enjoy your week too! 😊

  4. Me too! I never saw one in real life until I was in my 50’s! Thankfully they’re making a comeback here and we have a nesting pair right here in Silicon Valley! I’ve been to the nest a few times already.

    Your profile image of this American Bald Eagle is gorgeous! So regal, and majestic! I’m excited for you having seen this one so close.

  5. Very nice photos Donna, they are definitely a beautiful bird. I was lucky enough to see some when on holidays in Alaska some years ago. There is just something about them that takes your breath away.

    • Thank you Sue! I would love to go to Alaska to see the population there. I’ve seen in photos where you can see many perched in trees. That would be magnificent to see in person!

      • That is exactly what I saw! A tree of bald eagles, and also quite a lot chilling out on a sandy river bank. Must have been the local hang out! 😀

    • Thank you Brian! I’ve only seen the Bald Eagle here. We also have the Golden Eagle but very rare in my area, although on occasion one is spotted. I keep looking for one. 🙂

  6. Great photo! How nice of him to pose in such a beautiful setting! You are right about seeing bald eagles there. I have never been to Blackwater and not seen a bald eagle. Usually on the drive you can see them on the platform next to the cam, or in nearby trees.

    • Thanks Susan! I’m guessing you already know, but you’re aware of the eagle nest on the left across the water at the last leg of the drive? This year that pair did not have any young so unfortunately there’s a lesser chance of always seeing one or more there. 😦

  7. Neato! There is a nesting pair somewhere near my old house. I used to see it soaring on the thermals and at times flying at treetop level right over the house heading towards the creek.

  8. Nice! It is a Great place to photograph Eagles! It is fun to watch them flying around the Refuge!
    Also you can spot them in the trees or flying low at the Tubman Trail there. One pair had a nest across from the lookout tower at Tubman Trail. But it was quite a distance away, so you were not bothering them. If you had a long enough lens you could get images of them with the activities going on in the nest or them flying to the nest.

    • Thanks Reed, I know your love of eagles and this refuge! I’ll check out that nest on the Tubman Trail, I didn’t know about that one. There was a real nice one on Maple Dam Road, but it is gone this year. I bet if you kayak the river, you’d see several nests from the water. 🙂

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