“Backyard” Fly-Bys

Besides Bella & Beau (although they do get top billing!), there is a lot more wildlife activity that I see from my balcony around my waterfront ‘backyard’ that can keep a nature-lover entertained.

There are birds always flying by.  It’s whether I see and can capture them in time or not.  Sometimes I get lucky.

_DSC0269-1 5818

Mallard (male)



_DSC0024-1 5118

Double-crested Cormorant



_DSC0019-1 52918

Great Blue Heron



_DSC0018-2 51418

Barn Swallow



_DSC0219-1 52918

Green Heron



_DSC0141-1 6618

Black-crowned Night-Heron



_DSC0039-1 51418

Spotted Sandpiper



Of course, Bella & Beau do fly-bys also, so I’ll include of images of them I haven’t shared previously.

_DSC0110-1 6518

Female Osprey (Bella)



_DSC0166-1 52918 Beau

Male Osprey (Beau)



Sometimes Bella & Beau like to fly by me real close to check me out.

_DSC0114-1 6518.jpg

Female Osprey (Bella saying “Hi” to me)


Oh, to fly like a bird, how awesome that would be….


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