Eastern Painted Turtle

Blackwater NWR is home to eight species of turtles.

One of the most commonly seen is the Eastern Painted Turtle.  They can be sighted throughout the refuge’s waters or basking on the mudflats, logs, or anything else they can climb on.


_DSC0223-1 6618

Eastern Painted Turtle


The Painted Turtle is the most widespread native turtle of North America.


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Eastern Painted Turtle


There are four subspecies of the Painted Turtle:  Eastern (mine captured here), Midland, Southern, and Western.  Unfortunately, the Western Painted Turtle is on the Endangered Species list.  The last of it’s population lives on Vancouver Island.


(So sorry for the long hiatus, I was not well after my previous post but am now doing better and have been trying to catch back up with life.  For my Bella & Beau followers, a post is forthcoming.  They and their two chicks are still thriving!)



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