Bella & Beau 2018: Dad Beau Is Still Assisting

(Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, USA)

September 10, 2018

For the past week, I’ve continued to sight Dad Beau perched on one of the two towers overlooking the creek and nest platform.   But it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of the OspreyTeens.  My last sightings and photos of the two OspreyTeens together on the nest platform were on September 3rd.

_DSC0278-1 9318

OspreyTeens – September 3, 2018


_DSC0281-1 9318

OspreyTeens – September 3, 2018


For the next two days, both early in the morning and late afternoon, only one OspreyTeen was visiting the nest platform, begging towards Beau’s direction who remained perched on the towers most of the day, ignoring the cries.

An OspreyTeen letting Dad Beau on the tower know he is hungry.  (9/4/18)


_DSC0063-1 9418 756p

Dad Beau remains perched & ignores the begging OspreyTeen that evening. (9/4/18)


_DSC0090-1 9518 805a

Either Dad Beau brought the early morning fish or the OspreyTeen did so itself. (9/5/18)


_DSC0096-1 9518 908a

OspreyTeen devouring that fish! (9/5/18)


Beau’s morning and evening perches. (9/5/18)


Since September 6, I’ve not seen anyone visit the nest platform. It appears to have finished serving its purpose and is now no longer needed as a home port for this season.  Maybe, too, Dad Beau has refused to deliver any fish to it to further enforce the OspreyTeens to feed themselves.

_DSC0053-1 91018

Bella & Beau nest platform – 9/10/18
It looks the same as it did the day they arrived in March, no nesting materials!
That’s one for the records!


It’s now increasingly difficult to determine if both OspreyTeens are still here since I’m sighting only one at a time.  It seems an OspreyTeen is going to Beau now if it’s desperate to be fed.  Which does appear to be infrequent, which is good!

_DSC0067-1 9818 438pm

OspreyTeen below, begging to Beau on top of tower, September 8th late afternoon.


_DSC0073-1 9918 953am

September 9th during the morning’s pouring rain, an OspreyTeen is waiting for Beau to appear, hopefully with a fish.


Today Beau spent from early morning until almost noon perched on the tower.  There were no sightings of the OspreyTeens.  Beau did reappear on the tower during the afternoon.

My last photo of Beau on the tower, September 10th at 5:10 pm


Can I positively ID these Osprey on the towers as Beau and one of the OspreyTeens?  No.  But I am basing my guesses from Bella & Beau’s past behavior on flying to & from and using these towers every day as their perch for the last few weeks.

What a Dad!  Although Beau really wasn’t into nest building this year, I am proud of his commitment to Bella in staying behind, to finish teaching and to ensure their offspring have a chance at survival during their tough first migration.

_DSC0148-1 8418

Beau in flight.


_DSC0154-1 8418

Beau in flight with a headless fish.


A series of Beau I didn’t previously share were these images of him skimming in the creek after delivering a fish to the nest platform.

_DSC0569-1 83118

Beau preparing to skim the water.


_DSC0571-1 83118

Beau makes contact with the water, dragging his feet, cleaning those talons.


_DSC0572-1 83118

Look at that determination and drive!


_DSC0573-1 83118

Beau shaking the water from his head while preparing to lift out of the water.


_DSC0574-1 83118

Lift-out!  And feeling good!


Another series not previously shared of Beau defending his perch from an intruding Osprey on top of the crane several months’ back.

Beau defending his perch against an intruding Osprey.


As I mentioned in the recent “Osprey Migration” post, one of the major challenges Ospreys face during migration is weather, specifically hurricanes. This is true for so many wildlife species presently doing their migrations.   We now have a dangerous Category 4 hurricane barreling towards the East Coast, to make landfall possibly Thursday.  Please pray for both human life and wildlife.  There is going to be devastation for all.

In the Bella & Beau series, I’ll post again to let you know if I’ve seen Beau and any OspreyTeens since today.  Hopefully, he and all other remaining area Osprey have an instinct feeling to stay put for a while longer while the hurricane makes landfall, blows through, and diminishes.  I think it’d be safer here than several hundred miles further south. 

I also plan on doing a final Bella & Beau photo rewind post of their successful six-month season, showcasing some of the memorable and best captures of them and their beautiful offspring that I think you will enjoy.

_DSC0108-1 71518

Bella, Beau and their offspring.


_DSC0207-1 72718

The offspring that developed into healthy, beautiful OspreyTeens.


Stay tuned for the final posts in the Bella & Beau series!


(For all past posts on Bella & Beau’s 2018 season, you can click HERE.)





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