Liquid Gold Reflections

Back in May, a pair of Mallard ducks had landed in the creek at sunset.  They and the sailboat masts silhouetted nicely against the water’s golden glow.

_DSC0063-2 51118

Pair Mallard Ducks



A third Mallard decided to try and join the golden swim.

_DSC0068-1 51118

“Mind if I join you?”


They let him join them for a spell.

_DSC0073-1 51118

Mallard Ducks


The pair decided it was time to move on.  Not sure what was said, but the third Mallard did not follow.

_DSC0071-1 51118

Mallard Ducks


His hanging back provided more silhouette reflections in the liquid gold for lucky me.

_DSC0074-1 51118

Mallard Duck


_DSC0074-2 51118

Mallard Duck


The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.
~ Pamela Hansford Johnson




68 thoughts on “Liquid Gold Reflections

    • Thank you, wish it was gold & I could have bottled it up! 🙂 I have been quite fascinated with capturing water abstracts with the sailboat masts, that post to come some day, lol.

  1. Wow, such exquisite photos, Donna, capturing the golden moments of the day. I especially like the mallard trio all in a row. Beautiful earth we have.

  2. It does look like liquid gold and the ripples are wonderful. Reading the story of the third duck turning back , then seeing the image of the three appears to be an abrupt about -face. the quote at the end really says it well. Very enjoyable to read and see.

  3. We have a Mallard pair in our park’s pond. They are dumped domesticated birds. The male is a bit of a bully that often annoys one or other Pacific Black duck. Great shots, wonderful colour.

    • Thank you, I was surprised the pair allowed the third one to join, usually the males are quite protective of their mate at breeding and these photos were taken in the Spring. Go figure, lol.

  4. Sunsets give surprising treasures Donna and the liquid gold one is one of the best which you have captured so well. Your photography is is looking quite professional 😊

    • Thank you, Ashley! I love sunrises and sunsets and how they can display on the water. I wish I had taken more photos of the water itself, but I got too busy trying to capture the ducks’ silhouettes perfectly when they angled right. 🙂

  5. What a great moments and photographs dear Donna. They all fascinated me. I admire your patience behind all these photographs and also I admire your photography too. Thank you, Love, nia

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