Water Birds at Blackwater NWR

I shared my captures of the little birds a few posts back from my last two visits to Blackwater NWR.  Now on to the bigger birds.  There were so many great opportunities, so I’ll split into two posts, water birds and raptors so not bog you down with so many photos at once (again).  Seems to be a problem of mine…..  😉

We’ll start with the smaller water birds and work our way up.

_DSC0476-1 11418

Greater Yellowlegs


DSC_1290-1 11418

Ruddy Ducks at sunset


_DSC0719-2 11418



_DSC0347-1 11418

Northern Pintail (female)


_DSC0668-1 11418

Northern Pintail (male)



_DSC0687-1 11418

Different angle of the same Northern Pintail (male)


_DSC0014-1 11418

Double-crested Cormorant


_DSC0378-1 11418

Great Blue Heron


_DSC0753-1 11418

Great Blue Heron on the refuge’s Osprey platform cam
(this looks funny, but I bet was neat-o to those who were watching the cam at the time)



_DSC0236-1 11418

Great Blue Heron scratching an itch


_DSC0425-1 11418

Great Blue Heron soaking up the sun’s afternoon rays


_DSC0533-1 11418

An hour later, the same Great Blue Heron snoozing during the ‘golden hour’
(he never moved!)


_DSC0789-1 11418

Great Blue Heron at sunset


_DSC0734-3 11418

Great Blue Heron – An Autumn Profile


The raptors are next; and, of course, there will be Eagles!



36 thoughts on “Water Birds at Blackwater NWR

  1. Very artistic compositions Donna. I love the locations they were shot, so beautiful! Thank you! 🙂

  2. The fall colours are a knockout and I really like the silhouette in the creek.I definitely enjoy the benefits of your “problem” taking so many pictures and am grateful that I can see the images when I can barely spot them in real life. Luckily, a temporary problem.

    • Thank you Jane! The silhouette/creek shot will be in my best of the best files, I really like it’s artistic flair. I shoot in RAW and it is amazing what that format captures, just as I seen it. And thank goodness for large hard drives for all my photos! hee hee I hope things will be ever so clearer soon for you, recovery takes time after the cataract surgery. Soon you will be spotting your birds spot-on and sharing with us!

    • Thank you Sylvia! I took a series of that scratching GBH in perfect profiles but when I went through my shots, I thought how funny he was too, working that itch! So I nixed the pretty profile for that one. 😉

  3. I hope my comments are coming through, I’m having computer problems at this time. Anyway, I loved the images in this post, especially the great blue heron in the late afternoon sun!

  4. Great shots, but the last two were outstanding, I thought! The sunset and the reflections was gorgeous and the last one was great the way the heron shines out from the foliage in back. Beautiful (as always)!

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